To The Moon (Destiel AU)

To The Moon (Destiel AU)

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Sixteen-year-old Castiel Novak's life has never been anything but horrible. His father is abusive and his mother died of leukemia when he was five. On top of his terrifying home life, he is bullied at school due to circling rumors of Cas being gay. Living doesn't seem right for the depressive and suicidal teenager, and he soon plans his demise. 

That is, up until he meets Dean Winchester, an equally depressive seventeen-year-old who turns Cas's life around. Dean shows Castiel a new life, a reason to keep on fighting the fight, and the two soon realize just how much they need each other. 

This AU fanfic is all about how much Dean and Cas care for each other and just how far they'll go to stay together. 

Possible trigger warning!!!

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this is so heart-breaking. Especially for a five year old, because cas will never know what having a mom’s like.
Novelember Novelember Apr 03, 2017
You will child, you will. *looks at AU* Gosh, Cas look at your other self!
smol_pan_bean smol_pan_bean Jul 22, 2017
That gave a straight hit to my heart  by the feels and its just the beginning
Ghost-jar Ghost-jar Apr 21
Ah, the table that seats two people. I wonder who could possibly be the other person...
if people could like paragraphs on wattpad like pictures on instagram this would have over 1k likes because damn.