Never Let Go||#Wattys2016||A Destiel AU Fanfiction

Never Let Go||#Wattys2016||A Destiel AU Fanfiction

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Valerie By Ships_are_sailing Updated Nov 20

Dean Winchester lived a life that was understood as normal. During the day, he worked to pay rent for his shitty apartment, and during the night, he went to nearest nightclub to hook up with a girl that caught his eye. 

He was an average young man in his twenty's.

Until he met Castiel Novak.


He walked into the wrong hospital room, expecting to see his grandmother, but instead, he met a dark-haired man.

As days pass, Dean finds himself visiting this stranger, until a friendship formed between them. And, soon, Dean Winchester found himself stuck underneath this bound of trust, hope and love, and things he had never felt with others; only with a sick man who is trapped inside a white hospital room.

Throughout this story , Dean learned that the person you care deeply about is worth never letting go.


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of "Supernatural", nor the show "Supernatural", this is simply the work of fan fiction, and I do not take any part in the show (other than a fan).


Yup definitely, she's the one way ticket to your beautiful husband
Oh my Chuck, Dean also wants to cut something short, your relationship.
He just laughed how does that make him jealous, this Dean is a jerk 😕
I feel like Dean would be me. I hate hospitals as well, and think the same things.
I'm sorry but I've been growing my hair out all my life and it barely reaches my butt. This girl either isn't real or is actually Rapunzel.
Well if a boyfriend isn't jealous, he doesn't care, which goes to show that he loves your dumbàss