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Book Two of the "Zone" series.

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Book #1: Friendzone
Book #2: No Boys Zone
Book #3: Danger Zone

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Wooeowowowowowowowowo like dude I just finished reading the first book today and now I’m on this one so like did jack kill nate or.....👀 🐸☕️ that’s not my business
wait did jack kill nate or something
                              WTF IS HAPPENING ALREADY
pxpiasf pxpiasf Aug 15
see you again is still playing and I'm dead asś just crying eating a donut.
Oh look at that I suddenly changed my mind it's Sam
                              (I totally did not read on)
aaantunez aaantunez Jul 13
Please tell me that he is alive I'm literally dying inside 😩
ok nate is sucking satan's dick so not him
                              jack would never touch another girl after what happend
                              sammy it is
                              OR WAIT
                              MAYBE IT'S JJ AND THEY WERE LIKE BABY FRIENDS