Growing Up or Falling Down? (Completed1DSequel)

Growing Up or Falling Down? (Completed1DSequel)

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Sequel to Breathe It All In. Love It All Out.

So Charlotte and I have had quite a year. Not only have we snagged the best souvenirs London has to offer, One Direction Cough, Cough, but our own dreams are coming true one way or another. Seems like we are forever in the honeymoon stage of romance. Speaking of honeymoon I think I hear wedding bells. But then again that could just be my internal alarms going off cause some psycho may or may not have one of us on his hit list.  

This is just a continuation of our journey we are just a little more grown up still not all that mature but hey we are working on it. Its hard to handle being in the spot light, trying to juggle a career and a super hot boyfriend. I mean his eyes and curly hair... and what was I saying? Oh right so read on to see us grow up or fall down, you decide. 

Authors note:
So this is the sequel I know that some people just don't want to read a sequel especially if the first ones not good and if you made it through my first i thank you from the deepest part of my soul. But eventually ill put an epilogue  or ending chapter that wraps it all up and you can just skip to that once i put this all out there. But if you're the most amazing person ever and actually want to read this it may be long just because i want it to run its corse you know like real life. So thanks for reading, hope it doesn't suck.

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