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Assassin of Hades

Assassin of Hades

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Slayer By Shadow_Warrior14 Updated Nov 21, 2015

Betrayed. Hated. Accused. 

Percy Jackson is accused of murdering his two cousins and is killed for his supposed crime, but the Lord of the Dead has other plans. When Percy is killed Hades resurrects him so he may find out exactly who killed his son. Hades blesses him along with Zeus who is tricked into thinking that he is Jack Dudley son of Ares and "Hero" of Olympus. With the power of the big three Percy becomes the assassin of Hades and hunts down the murderer. Can he find out who murdered his cousins or will this power hungry maniac escape from Percy's grasp?
Warning extreme language do not read unless your fine with it. Piece out my little shadows.

This is me reading this:
                              Me: WTF! How can somebody be so stupid and forget the most important evidence also known as Iris
21st-century 21st-century Sep 06, 2016
Couldn't they just ask Thalia and Nico who killed ohhh, right they were killed in their sleep never mind.
AsorTheWolf AsorTheWolf Oct 29, 2016
Ever realize that if you stare a this:
                              For  a while, it starts moving?
AScarredBeauty AScarredBeauty Sep 20, 2016
Am I the only one who read that and thought:
                              "Damn, that's kinda kïnky"
                              No? Just me? Ok then...
You just killed my brother!!!!!!!!! I will slaughter you with καταστροφή (Destruction) and Χάος (Chaos)
EmperorsNewCloth EmperorsNewCloth Nov 05, 2016
If treason is betraying a killer who kills as he pleases and only cares for him and his family aka his children. Zues kills innocent men and woman demigod alike. If it were up to Zues his children would be the only demigods alive.