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Assassin of Hades

Assassin of Hades

88.7K Reads 3K Votes 21 Part Story
Slayer By Shadow_Warrior14 Updated Nov 21, 2015

Betrayed. Hated. Accused. 

Percy Jackson is accused of murdering his two cousins and is killed for his supposed crime, but the Lord of the Dead has other plans. When Percy is killed Hades resurrects him so he may find out exactly who killed his son. Hades blesses him along with Zeus who is tricked into thinking that he is Jack Dudley son of Ares and "Hero" of Olympus. With the power of the big three Percy becomes the assassin of Hades and hunts down the murderer. Can he find out who murdered his cousins or will this power hungry maniac escape from Percy's grasp?
Warning extreme language do not read unless your fine with it. Piece out my little shadows.

                              FEAR ME
                              Friends: Your too short to be death
                              Guys.........your ruining my fun here! *pouts*
WTF YOU SICK SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!! (ARES) I will not insult his mother when i know nothing of her
Clearly you are the stupid one, Artemis, I can't believe you don't recognize it, it's the all mighty sword Anaklomus
Loca_Lola_Oc_Proxy Loca_Lola_Oc_Proxy Apr 02, 2016
If I dont say this now its gonna annoy me forever. It should be "Really you can vome here and save me, and threaten my hunters, but, you can't even look me in the eye?" Artrmis asked incredulously.
You just killed my brother!!!!!!!!! I will slaughter you with καταστροφή (Destruction) and Χάος (Chaos)
nalutogetherforever nalutogetherforever Jun 19, 2016
How does stupid male bringing a pen to kill a very powerful monster turn into the great hero? Wow, fickle