The Son of Chaos  (Percy Jackson)

The Son of Chaos (Percy Jackson)

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Hello, citizans of Wattpadia!  AuthorM7 here By AuthorM7 Completed

Omega is Percy Jackson.  Scratch that.  Percy Jackson Is dead.    Or at least that's how he thinks of himself.  Percy Jackson is dead and reborn as Omega.  After being betrayed by his friends, father, and everyone else he loved, what is there to do but leave?  What happens to him? Just see what happens as Omega returns to the place he hates the most.  Will he forgive the ones that broke his heart?  Or will he stay closed off forever?

(Okay, this is not edited, it is seriously bad, and for most of it, whenever I spelled 'Warrior' spellcheck changed it to 'Worrier' which was weird, and I have not bothered to edit most of it.  Here is my warning: Do Not Read.  You have been warned.)

I think toon is slang for platoon and I'm sorry but reading toon is just cringey for me. Its like picturing percy with a southern accent.
maemae363 maemae363 Nov 10
Hey I really like your writing and also I'm kinda new to wattpad so if you could check out my stories... That'd be great... I'm not a great writer but just wanted to mention that I exist on the app
Am I the only one who reads "platoon" and not "toon"? Yes? Ok, carry on.
the one thing i notice, in all percy jackson and chaos fanfics, he is ALWAYS omega, and luke is ALWAYS alpha
pandahope31 pandahope31 Aug 21
It's. Been. Ten. Thousand. Years.
                              Let. It. Go.
                              *cue Poseidon Elsa*
j-safetypin j-safetypin Dec 02
10,000 ¿¿ aww i thought it'd have all the characters :(( unless it does & they just lived for that long...