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Percy Jackson BETRAYED - Percy fanfic (COMPLETED)

Percy Jackson BETRAYED - Percy fanfic (COMPLETED)

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Fangirl_Leo By Fangirl_Leo Completed

PERCY JACKSON, the savior of Olympus twice is said to be a THREAT to his own friends. What will Percy do when the gods don't want him anymore? How will the seven with Nico, Thalia and Reyna react when they know about Percy? Will Annabeth leave her mom and join Percy? At the same time a god is expelled by Zeus. Who will the god be? What will happen to the god? Why is a god expelled by Zeus? Who will take over that god's domain? I can't make any false promises that you will not be sad by reading this book but I can tell you one thing, PERCABETH WILL BE TOGETHER FOREVER. But I really don't know if she would leave her mom. 

This is my try to make a book different from all other Chaos Fanfic where Percy is betrayed. To know about who is with Percy and who betrays him, read my fanfic which will be up very soon. I hope you guys like it like all the other books I have written

Ldazzle_YT Ldazzle_YT 6 days ago
Dude if I ever borrowed Something of your for my story (like a idea) I'd alway give you credit. Mainly because I wrote a 300k word long book and someone more popular on stole it. I got so triggered.
minmin_got_jams minmin_got_jams Aug 03, 2016
Wait so the gods bless him then he gives them power so they won't fade the they think he's too powerful so they kill him...... also he saves everyone's lives and only hades poseidon demeter  and hestia vote for him to live and they still end up killing him #WHATISGOINGON!
ignis619 ignis619 Feb 17, 2016
So they give him power then he gives most of it back and know they want to kill him
"This is the reason the gods decide to kill him. He was going to die"
                              Me : ... Oh.. Wow... That's um.. That's nice?
minmin_got_jams minmin_got_jams Aug 03, 2016
Wait half of the Council voted for him to live so it would be a tie so they shouldn't have killed him #HELPMEUNDERSTAND
Look4_BananaPants Look4_BananaPants Mar 12, 2016
So basically all the Olympians bless him, he gives most of the power back to friggin save them from fading, and now they want to KILL him for being too powerful? YOU FRIGGIN BLESSED HIM YOU IDIOTS