Pain (reader x various) naruto fanfiction

Pain (reader x various) naruto fanfiction

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Noragami By norgami Completed

it was cold and dark in the village hidden in the leaves.
a little girl was lying inside a secluded room in the konoha village waiting for questioning she was afraid and scared, but more , she was disgusted in herself ,she massacred her whole village and everyone in it. she was remembering how it all started.


''ya, know  you shouldn't over work yourself Yu, its bad for you, you could really hurt yourself'' . A young boy about the age of 5 with blonde orangey ,hair brown eyes and white clothes, is currently being carried by a girl with [h/l] ,[h/c]. her name is [y/n]. She was carrying the boy Yu back to the village hidden in the moon.'' but, I need to get stronger I need to get stronger to surpass you, [y/n]!''. '' if you keep it up you'll end up dead''. the boy looked down thinking of a way he could convince the said girl that he needs to become stronger, to surpass her. Yu looked up to [y/n] because of her strength and determination and kindness. He wanted to become...

KjPeel88 KjPeel88 Mar 05
Inukage would mean Dog Shadow because inu means dog and kage means shadow
qluvio qluvio Jan 23, 2017
What language(?) is that? (If it is one. If its made up, can you tell me how to do it?)