Broken ▸ L. Dunbar

Broken ▸ L. Dunbar

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Ali By sprayberried Updated Feb 17

Hayley Mccall and Liam Dunbar have been best friends since primary school. Now they're starting high school together. But when Scott, Hayley's older brother does something unexpected to Liam, things change for the both of them. So many secrets are kept from Hayley and when they get exposed, everything changes. 

Everyone is beginning to break under the pressure and there's no turning back.

*Disclaimer* I don't own teen wolf, all rights go to Jeff Davis and the writers. I only own Hayley and her storyline.

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SPN_luci_SPN SPN_luci_SPN Sep 27, 2016
This is really good cuz my names Hayley and I want Liam to be my bf and Scott to be my bro along with Stiles and Mason as my friends/bffs
ilah_Samantha ilah_Samantha Jan 20, 2017
I was kinda wrong I started reading it and its actually really good guess I shouldn't judge a book by its cover
-Whittemores -Whittemores Sep 21, 2014
-Excited!. I like Hayley already Liam better shape up and fix their relationship. Cant wait for this!