Rejected at first sight

Rejected at first sight

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Beth white doesn't get treated fairly in her pack house, yes she's  were wolf but when she turns 17 and gets the chance to find her mate and actually be happy. He rejects her, and she doesn't take it lightly. She runs off to find a new family and a second chance 
"Mate." I mutter under my breath 

"No! no! no!" he complains 

"Why did I get you as a mate! your nothing but a helpless slave girl." he spits at me 
"No. You don't know who I am." I tell him 

"Yes I do your a slave." he bends down to me and crosses his arms

"Yeah, sure I may be a slave. but I'm still a living, breathing, human being, I know that may be a surprise to you. but hey you have to live with it for the rest of your life." I attempt to shove him back but since I'm not allowed to train I just collapsed to the floor 

"I don't care. You are still just a slave. I Damen black Reject you Beth white as my mate."

I already know there are a ton of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Please do not comment about it

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Darkredstar Darkredstar Jul 08
hahahahaha if u hadn't said that we would all of had assumed something else
PokemonEves PokemonEves Mar 18
It is possible but it would be very hard to walk and lift things and her body could shut down soon.
cnduta cnduta Jun 28
You took my mind there. At first I just pictured him beating her
"Turn around" that's one  way to lead us to the gutter.But it's all good,I'm close friends with the gutter...
11idk11 11idk11 Apr 19
😂😂😂😂😂😂When u and the gutter r best friends so u decide 2 stay their
posh2303 posh2303 Sep 29
i would just sneak into the kitchen in the dead of the night and raid the freaking  fridge!