Yeah, I Rejected You

Yeah, I Rejected You

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Then it hit me. The scent of my mate. The one I'd love and spend the rest of my days with.

"Mine," he growled. I was forced up against the wall as he began to kiss me roughly. I managed to take a peek at my mate. The school's very own player. Otherwise known as the guy who infuriates me to the depths of hell.

I shoved him off me and made him look me in the eye, "I don't care if you're going to be Alpha. You will always be the jerk I hate and the player I despise. I will not be looked upon as another of your minions. Yeah, I just rejected you." I snarled.

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Shayla Hale is just another 15 year old werewolf, eagerly waiting for her 16th birthday so she can find her mate. She wasn't popular, and she wasn't a loner. Following her around, was the school's player, with a hobby of annoying her. She hated him for taking so much interest in her, since she knew all he was is a disappointment.

Chase Anderson is the school's player, and the guy every girl swoons for. He's always found Shayla interesting, since she wasn't like the others. Witty comebacks, never sparing him a second glance. Being the hard to resist, soon to be Alpha of his Dark Wolfe pack, he needs to find his Luna. What he wasn't prepared for was his very own mate rejecting him.

Will Shayla stay true to her word? Will Chase prove his mate wrong? What happens when Chase goes back to his player ways? How about when Shayla's childhood lover returns?


I am quite aware of how bad my writing was back then (come on, i was thirteen), and it was the first romance/teen-fic/werewolf story I have ever written, so I will be re-writing this soon!! :D

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