The Twist of Mate

The Twist of Mate

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Scarlet Montgomery lived her life as the pack slave. She was left Omega after her parents ditched her to become rogues. She is constantly tormented not only by the other pack members but by the Alpha himself. When she meets her mate on her eighteenth birthday, things take an unexpected turn that seem to leave her life in a downward spiral. She becomes more and more defeated with each awful instance sent her way. Will she be able to escape or will she be eaten alive by the wolves that she was thrown to?
Trigger warning! There is graphic content, abuse, violence, sexual violence, strong language...etc. If you can't handle any of those things, shy away from the book! Thank you

"You know, wouldn't it be fucked up if we were mates?" My face scrunched up, not only in disgust but worry about where he was going with his question. It would be the worst thing that I could imagine. There was a chance that if we were mates that he would lighten up and become the loving mate the moon goddess would have intended but that was a very slim chance. 

"Do you know what I would do if we were mates?" I shook my head; I didn't just mean it as I didn't know but I didn't want to know. He would probably reject me in the worst possible way he could think of. Or he would use the bond against me. I was already his slave but maybe there was something else that he could do that my innocent mind just couldn't conjure because I wasn't anything like him. I held my humanity close to me as if it would save me in the long run. I refused to be anything like my tormentors and I kept as true to myself as I could.

He turned his body towards mine and I could see he was smirking at me but I got a bad feeling. "I would fuck you as hard as I possibly could and then I would kill you. You don't deserve to be a part of this pack but we need slaves just like any other. You truly disgust me and I hope that whoever your mate is rejects you. You're a sorry excuse for a she-wolf."

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