Heavenly Refuge

Heavenly Refuge

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_SkySailor By _SkySailor Completed

She's told she would die.

A disease that takes away every breath.

What would you do if you were in her shoes?

Luna Moon, a girl who's fate is to die by cancer's hands, is lost. She doesn't know where to turn. Until a strange guy saves her from drowning in the ocean. The guy was just a stranger, right? Wrong. He goes to her school, and somehow ends up living with Luna. Do they fall in love? Why not. She's on a limited time span, so what's to lose? Oh, right, her heart. It's kind of weird when you think that guy is a target for a drug dealer, but ends up denying him. His father's in jail, and he's scarred. Who does he trust? Simon Morse learns to actually enjoy his life when Luna takes him into her home. But he didn't know.

"... It's a story that will capture your heart every chapter... At the happy parts I was crying... And at the sad parts? Tears of sadness..." ~Sarabat01

(a/n: This is book #1 in the Refuge series which is a stand-alone series. Meaning that you can read each book by itself, but they're all part of the same... grouping, should I call it?)

(another a/n: I've been reading this over and I'm a harsh critique, especially on myself, and I realize... that my writing early on was... bad. I've decided to keep this book on Wattpad to help learn from my mistakes. Looking back, I can see how my writing has improved over the years. Thank you!)

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MoniqueTheRippah MoniqueTheRippah Apr 26, 2011
This is a very interesting start!
                              Ver good hook straight away which i like! It really brings the story to life :D
                              Great job! Voted!
kalinasaccount kalinasaccount Apr 14, 2011
i love you girl!!!!! you are amazing and talented and i will be SOOOOOO angry if you dont post more VERY soon, ESPECIALLY BURNEED AT THE CROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
calvin2 calvin2 Mar 20, 2011
@MollyLeMajors I used to read manga a lot. I haven't read any in 3 months. I need to finish Psyren first. lol
_SkySailor _SkySailor Mar 20, 2011
@calvin2  i'm reading them all online XD but i love her work and especially her art
calvin2 calvin2 Mar 20, 2011
@MollyLeMajors yes!! i have all her works. except her most recent one I'm waiting for her to finish it and start reading it. Is something about the moon princess idk.lol
calvin2 calvin2 Mar 20, 2011
@MollyLeMajors yes! I have the whole series had to order it online. I love it. I cry with the end, it was such and amazing story. The author did an amazing job!