Reasons to Live

Reasons to Live

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HisBeautifulMess By HisBeautifulMess Updated Jul 18

"One day you'll leave me. You don't want a girl with a rape story," I said as I desperately try to stop my sobs and hiccups. 
"You deserve someone who is prettier and more stable then me." 
"Mon ange ," he whispered to me lightly as he held my tear-stained face. I looked at him and my breath shortens as I met his intense look. "I don't want a girl who's perfect or prettier," he said, "because I just want you."  

After the incident three months ago and her parent's divorce, Reina Caverly finds a way to cope with life: cutting herself. Her mother a workaholic, her sister is an out of control teenage girl, and her dad disappeared from the face of the planet so what is there left to do? She can't even tell her two best friends, Joshua and Megan, about her problems.   

Then she meets young and mysterious Calvin Young about to commit suicide by jumping from her school's roof which surprised Reina. He's rich; he's handsome for his age and does well at school, so why? Why would someone who has everything want to kill himself ? Everyone has a dark secret, even Calvin who has the world. 
Can Reina and Calvin learn to speak up about their issues or lose to their depression?

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Yamahababy Yamahababy Jun 14
Take ya inside like why wouldn't I is there a hurricane comin or what
PK122004 PK122004 Sep 13
I'd freak out and call my mom who would most probably call an ambulance. Does that count as a yes?
I really love how the person commenting before me decided it was ok to tear your book apart. That was sarcasm, the loving part. It’s a great book!
Poppy_the_OTSB Poppy_the_OTSB 5 days ago
My question is why is her 16 year old sister on the phone at 6:15 AM???
Not taking a chance at young love... yes indeed the biggest regret 😕
lmao try doing that in the middle of august when it’s 90 degrees every day