Hi beautiful ! Welcome to my profile! Hope you enjoy my stories! I enjoy any feedback, comment, votes and reads from you guys !

"Everyone has a story left untold, so never judge someone as if you know their entire story because the truth is, you probably don't."

"Reasons to Live"
"Love On Mute"

"Ninth Period is Our Secret"

AS OF RIGHT NOW: (7/27/2015)
-Uploaded "Ninth Period is Our Secret" Chapter One as of (8/25/13). Please check it out and give me some feedbacks.
-Uploaded "Love On Mute" as of (7/22/15). Please check it out and give me some feedbacks!
-Uploaded a new chapter to "Reasons To Live" Chapter 29 as of (7/11/15) Hope you guys like it !
- Writing Chapter 30 for "Reasons To Live"!

-Upload "Reasons to Live" Chapter 29-30

-I'm shy until you get to know me
-Writing is my escape
-I LOVE reading, so if you want me to check out your book, just leave it on my profile page and I'll take a look :)
-Most of the story I post up here are based on real life situations (cutting, rape, depression, abuse, neglect) because I want to help others and spread awareness. Stay Strong. Stay beautiful.
-I have at least five other stories in 'My Works' and I'm hoping to upload them as soon as I'm finished with "Reasons To Live","Ninth Period is Our Secret" and "Love On Mute".
-Please note: I will ALWAYS try to finish my stories ! Sometimes I'm busy but I'll come right back to it in a heartbeat!

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Ninth Period is Our Secret (Teacher/Student Relationship)

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Description: "You do realize we can both get into a lot of trouble if we're caught right?" He whispered in my ear as he continued to play with my hair. "Well," I began, taking a pause as I took a bite out of the apple on his desk, "then we just don't get caught...

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Love On Mute

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Eva G. Alexander is classified as the crazy mental girl all her life. Her mother and father neglected an...

Reasons to Live

Reasons to Live

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BOOK ONE: "One day you'll leave me. You don't want a girl with a rape story," I say as I desperately try...

Fire2go posted a message to HisBeautifulMess
Reasons to live is utterly amazing.... You seem to describe it well. You do not have to answer if it's personal, but did something traumatic happen or something close? This just 'cause it all seems so real?... Sorry I'm invading on personal answers , but still. Awesome story
Hiya! I've been reading 'Reasons to Live' and I really enjoy it, I love the plot and I have really connected with the characters, so I wanted to thank you for writing it. I was wondering it you might check out my poems? <3