Trapped ✔️ by SallyMason1
Trapped ✔️by Sal
They took her sanity. Now they are back to take her life. When Kelsey Miller was sixteen, she was kidnapped, beaten, and raped by two men--neither of whom was ever brou...
  • selfharm
  • mystery-thriller
  • law
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Pepper's Forceful Advice (Avengers Fanfiction) by Winchester_Huntress
Pepper's Forceful Advice ( Loki
Pepper has had enough of Tony hiding his pain from her and his fellow Avengers, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. That's where other Pepper comes in. ...
  • anxietyattacks
  • happyhogun
  • thor
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Devil's Lake by light-in-darkness
Devil's Lakeby Angela Merlo
SOON IN PAPERBACK || "Why don't you just do it already? Walk into that lake and get it over with." It had been a passing comment Alison Halse's cousin had made...
  • socialanxietydisorder
  • paranormalromance
  • ghosts
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Liar, liar by lucifer-in-my-head
Liar, liarby lucifer-in-my-head
Thomas Sanders/Sanders Sides ~Post 'Can Lying Be Good'~ Virgil's history with Deceit was his best kept secret. Until suddenly it wasn't.
  • pattonsanders
  • virgilsanders
  • logansanders
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Dare to Save/Live/Love [ArShi] ✓ - OLD version by unspokenrain
Dare to Save/Live/Love [ArShi] ✓ Araina K.
|To read the edited version, look for Dare to Save separately posted on my profile| In Save: Arnav Raizada, the player. He hides a lot of secrets. As if his life wasn't...
  • arshi
  • family
  • arhi
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Winter Comes, Skies To Grey (An Emerson Barrett FanFic) by Opinionatedwierdo
Winter Comes, Skies To Grey (An Aspiring.Author
Wonder is hurting... Her world was just becoming perfect, until three days ago. Grief stricken after a car crash Wonder has no one to help her... She isolates herself, t...
  • anxietyattacks
  • stepdad
  • palayeroyale
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Run By Anxiety by AllOfCreation
Run By Anxietyby Jilliana Miller
As a teenager with anxiety, Maddie Porter struggles with a lot of things. Then out of the middle of nowhere, her anxiety starts getting worse. Her boyfriend is now spend...
  • anxietydisorder
  • convent
  • anxiety
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Walk by ForeverOtaku0-0
Walkby SlipDipShip
Izuku and Shoto met purely by coincidence... or did they? Was it all part of a plan? They gradually healed each other's hearts, and gave up many things just to be toget...
  • animals
  • yaoi
  • tododeku
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It All Started With a Diary by leshae051304
It All Started With a Diaryby Destiny
Light brown eyes-mirroring the shade of a latte-demolished my anger by every second. His hand against my flushed face was as cold as his heart, but once I felt that shiv...
  • relationship-complicated
  • anxiety
  • kimberly
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Grass by IWasGonnaSayMagical
Grassby Me
Lacey Aspen Matthew; A frail seventeen year old with a broken past. Lacey has nothing left to live for. Not her mother or her sister seeing as they've died and certainly...
  • depression
  • gangs
  • fanfiction
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The cat (Loki x reader self harm) 18+ triggers by Crazyfangirl1411
The cat (Loki x reader self harm) Crazyfangirl1411
Loki helps you through your depressions , self harming , and insecurities
  • anxietyattacks
  • blood
  • lokixreader
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Billdip Oneshots by Lowerbug
Billdip Oneshotsby 🖤Squick🖤
Welp, I was bored and then these were birthed. ?I don't own the cover art?
  • smutfree
  • dipperpines
  • billdip
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Tornado by sexualavery
Tornadoby — loser :)
(Undergoing some changes and editing) This was only the beginning. {highest ranking in jachary:#6} Copyright© 2018 Written by @sexualavery Started:April.6.18 Completed:J...
  • dirty
  • whydontwe
  • sudicide
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A Book for the Broken by Im_hungry3728
A Book for the Brokenby Emma Hudson
Just a book of poems about deep topics like depression, anxiety, and violence in the world. just your average artsy edgy emo teen to be honest. hope you enjoy! DISCLAIME...
  • iloveyou
  • violence
  • anxiety
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jUsT rAnDoM sTuFf AbOuT mE by JBBarnes1917
jUsT rAnDoM sTuFf AbOuT mEby Leonard Snart
just my trashy fandom screaming, rants about my crippling anxiety, deppresion and dysphoria and random adhd ramblings
  • adhd
  • transgender
  • nonbinary
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Ice Breaker by TheGalacticSkyla
Ice Breakerby TheGalacticSkyla
Skyla, a generally quiet and reserved student is just now starting high school in a new district, running from her past, and bringing some of it with her. How will she h...
  • bullying
  • self-harm
  • anxiety
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Hi? by sweetcurlycreature
Hi?by H
Ella Hudson has had a very tough childhood, her mother was not good to her at all. Ella now has GAD (generalized anxiety disorder).Harry also has anxiety and he is feeli...
  • gemma
  • eyes
  • job
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Living With Mr. CEO by lovergirlcrissy
Living With Mr. CEOby ღCrissyღ
Xavier Heartford is one of the youngest billionaires in New York. He pursued his dream of following in his father's footsteps and took over the company after unexpectedl...
  • love
  • familysecrets
  • assistant
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Back To You - Justin Foley by Only-Use-Once
Back To You - Justin Foleyby ...
"I wanna hold you when I'm not supposed to" meet Ophelia Grace Williams, she's not the most popular, pretty or confident girl at school. But she sure as he'll...
  • hotboys
  • fanfiction
  • anxietyattacks
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The Last Piece of the Puzzle (MUKE)  by Anonymous_writer731
The Last Piece of the Puzzle ( Fake Betch
Luke and Micheal and their friends Ashton and Calum have a very popular band called 5 Seconds Of Summer. They are based in Australia but are now starting their first wor...
  • broken
  • iloveyou
  • fanfiction
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