I am Nameless

I am Nameless

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Clarice ღ˛ By ShadowHorse Updated Aug 03, 2013

"You know you can't hide from me, Miriska. No matter how many guards your father may assign to you, it won't be enough, I will breach every defense and retaliate every attack and I WILL have you in my arms, for the rest of eternity," the voice was a soft but menacing whisper hidden in the blackest of shadows.
"Who are you?"
"You will get to know me soon enough, my love. Worry not," the words came so suddenly, they startled me.
"Where are you?" I shouted to the trees.
I froze when I felt ice cold lips on the skin of my neck.
"Closer than you think."


Notes. Disappearances. A stalker or two. Miriska Valentine feels unsafe and watched and she is. Why?

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Kede_The_Maniac Kede_The_Maniac Nov 03, 2013
The is my fav book on wattpad of all times!!!!!! Plz plz plz update!!!!
SeyfriedLover87 SeyfriedLover87 Sep 02, 2013
I like how u started this off with an element of intrigue, totally had my attention :)
KrystalMorgan KrystalMorgan Apr 07, 2013
This deserves a vote and comment for the muffin comment alone. lol
jazlin jazlin Mar 05, 2013
But so u guys dont take it the wrong way we made a secret language so slut means crazzy and muffins mean muffins
jazlin jazlin Mar 04, 2013
Omg it us funny cause u said eat muffins but my friend calls me her slut-muffin
saving-me saving-me Feb 26, 2013
I wuv this 
                              And 4 the record the muffins do cry if u look hard enough u Can sea tears