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Picture of possible actor for Cameron Valentine (Miriska's Dad) to the side (Rufus Sewell)



"Save me. Please save me," the thousands of whispers floated through the mist, the voice hidden. "Find me. Please just find me."

The intensity increased, more voices were added, even though the volume stayed constant. The words started flowing faster more intense surrounding me, suffocating me, filling me, breaking through the barriers of my mind and driving out any other thoughts.

I fell to my knees clutching my head, the ground tearing the white dress I was wearing at the knees, scraping my knees open at the same time. Tears started flowing down my cheeks, leaving trails of black as they ruined my mascara.

The whispers stopped suddenly, almost violently, leaving me kneeling on the floor empty, shocked, meaningless. A shadow darkened the whiteness of the mist, in the shape of a human. The shape grew as it came closer and closer. I could see from their body shape it was male.

His hand reached out towards where I was sitting. I cringed back away from his touch and he stopped his approach.

"I won't hurt you," he whispered.

It was like I couldn't control my own body, like he had tied strings around my arms and made me his puppet. I lifted my shaking hand and placed it in his own. He pulled me up and wrapped his arms around me just as my knees buckled again. I started sobbing into his chest, he squeezed me.

"I'm scared. I'm so scared."

He held me tighter, rubbing my back soothingly.

The whispers resumed, with even more intensity, making me feel helpless. I clutched my ears and he pulled me even tighter to him.

"Make it stop," I cried. The pressure in my eardrums was overbearing and they felt like they were about to burst. The intensity increased even more. He held my blotchy cheeks in his hands and forced me to look at him.

Everything, except the beauty of his shining platinum streaked blue eyes, faded away to a hum in the background, almost like the buzzing of a fly in my ears. His eyes were surrounded my lush black curved lashes, that any girl would die to have. His eyes were slightly lidded as he stared down at me. The streaks in his eyes almost glowed, like silver reflecting the moonlight.

They stared into my own eyes, the color being an incredibly unique shade of lavender. His eyes carried a foreign emotion, half hidden away. Everything felt like it was happening in slow motion, like a cliché movie, he leaned in slowly his eyes flickered down to my lips, he paused in his decent as if he wanted to give me time to pull away, he closed the distance.


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They want to be eaten; you should see them cry when you skip them in the shops!

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