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My Annoying Creeper by JuliaSipphitre
My Annoying Creeperby tireduwunoises™
(Mobs are humans here lel) Meet Enderman, for short, Ender. Your typical kind of guy who always steal various kinds of blocks and always silent. His world is all plain b...
  • endermanboy
  • creeperxenderman
  • creeper
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Desired By The Alphas by LotusBubble
Desired By The Alphasby Elaine
Hollis Greenwood has lived in the quiet mountains of Colorado Springs all her life. She knows everyone in the little town, and everyone knows her. Except when it's the f...
  • eyes
  • jealousy
  • secret
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Why Won't This Arrogant Jerk Leave Me Alone? by KinseyHuff3
Why Won't This Arrogant Jerk Kinsey Huff
Don't Judge my book by this description, I am not good at this. Haha.--Caroline Summers is 17 years old. Her nickname is Carrie. She goes to the most cliche highschool e...
  • happiness
  • vampire
  • summer
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I'm A Killer | Avengers Fanfic [1] by SincerelyLana
I'm A Killer | Avengers Fanfic [1]by ♥ Alana ♥
Creeper. A name that sends shivers down spines and goosebumps to arise on people's skin, and if you're wondering; yes it's the bad kind. Creeper, one of the most deadly...
  • captainamerica
  • blackwidow
  • hawkeye
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Stuck in Minecraft!Minecraft Mobs x reader by ghosteevees
Stuck in Minecraft!Minecraft Wowie
Minecraft. A brilliant game--and your world. Well, more or less! The game was so much fun, so enthralling and amazing. You just loved it with all your heart. But one da...
  • minecraft
  • creeper
  • zombie
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Minecraft Mobs x F. Reader by Kawaii__M
Minecraft Mobs x F. Readerby Kawaii M
Y/N got sucked into the world of Minecraft. Except it isn't the infinite power like in preferred creative mode. She's faced with hostile mobs always known to attack play...
  • minecraftxreader
  • silverfish
  • ocelot
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Minecraft Mobs Boyfriend Scenarios (Overworld) by Absconding_Actuality
Minecraft Mobs Boyfriend Thietana Venus (a.k.a., [form...
I LOVE Boyfriend Scenarios, so I thought, "Why not write one myself?" The mobs that you meet will all be humanoids, though, if that's all right. For instance...
  • skeleton
  • guardian
  • minecraft
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Minecraft, The Human Glitch by programmedalex
Minecraft, The Human Glitchby programmedalex
One day in the world of Minecraftia our player was sucked into his game and his coming resulted in the mobs becoming our player has to save Minecraftia by be...
  • videogames
  • minecraft
  • steve
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Stolen Hearts (Creepers Love Story) by rappgirl2014
Stolen Hearts (Creepers Love Story)by rappgirl2014
New girl Natalie Jenkins was sent with her new schools football team against another team for the championship as a photographer for the schools newspaper and yearbook c...
  • yandere
  • scifi
  • scary
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A Minecraft Story by Radishologist
A Minecraft Storyby Todd
Steve wakes with no memories--except his name. He discovers that the government, Mojang, is actually evil, and trying to take over the world! Steve gets wrapped up in th...
  • herobrine
  • skydoesminecraft
  • radishologist
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Individual Minecraft Mobs Rp by TootsieRoots
Individual Minecraft Mobs Rpby ❤️paranoia❤️
(Cover in the making) This is stupid lol. I can't believe I'm doing this, but hey. I could use something other than anime rp, and this would be a unique change. I have...
  • minecraft
  • monsters
  • videogame
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Hybrids (An Original Minecraft Fiction) by TheCookieWriter2001
Hybrids (An Original Minecraft TheCookieWriter2001
Almost 18 years ago, a small basket was dropped off on the doorstep of the house in a little village. Inside the basket was a baby girl. The villagers decide to take the...
  • alex
  • minecraft
  • herobrine
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Minecraft lemons by The_Emo_Spectrum
Minecraft lemonsby SHARED ACCOUNT
I'm really crazy right? Minecraft lemons? Well in this, you will have sex with the MOBS instead of famous youtubers who mostly do or only do minecraft. Why mobs? They do...
  • creeper
  • lemons
  • minecraft
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War for minecraft (Book 1) by Koonsly
War for minecraft (Book 1)by Jayson
One night while mining Steve the outcast meets a Creeper named Cupa. She seems up beat but when Steve finds out she and the seven species commanders are engaged in a dea...
  • cupa
  • diamonds
  • boyxgirl
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Minecraft: The Quest of the M.T (Rewritten) by TurboCharger97
Minecraft: The Quest of the M.T ( Vince Jyrel
Steve, an ordinary Minecraftian who had worked on his own. He chopped down the trees, he mined the minerals on the cave and killing mobs at night. One day, his life was...
  • enderman
  • wattys2019
  • dimensions
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My Digital Partner! by Cryofury
My Digital Partner!by Write_Froz
What is Minecraft? To me, Minecraft is more than just a game, This is where I go to escape the world, Because reality has boundaries, while dreams can go infinitely bey...
  • wattys2018
  • minecraft
  • life
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Enderman X Creeper by SanspaiFan05
Enderman X Creeperby SanspaiFan05
Endy - an enderman who likes to mess with other humans' blocks Cupa - a creeper who wants friends to play with and hang with.
  • minecraft
  • creeper
  • skeleton
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Diamonds | Vkook by xspoiledmilk
Diamonds | Vkookby s p o i l e d m i l k
Jungkook wraz z paczką przyjaciół w gorący, letni dzień postanawia zagrać w minecrafta. Jednak nie zdaje sobie sprawy z tego, że zielone monstrum zwane creeperem sprawi...
  • fanfiction
  • taekook
  • kookv
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The Great War (Prequel to A Minecraft Story) by Radishologist
The Great War (Prequel to A Todd
Fifty years before Steve. Fifty years before the Resistance. Fifty years before the government, Mojang. Herobrine ruled the world. Now, a small group of twenty year olds...
  • radishologist
  • notch
  • action
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Total Drama Minecraft Returns by Radishologist
Total Drama Minecraft Returnsby Todd
Fourth season of "Total Drama Minecraft"! 22 Minecraft animals face each other in an epic season of Total Drama for one million emeralds. And they're back on t...
  • creeper
  • drama
  • pig
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