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Texts | Shawn Mendes by stfushawn
Texts | Shawn Mendesby stfushawn
(273)6728927-A is this your new number (925)7239927-no but you just charged me $10 for international texting * s.m [short binge worthy story] book 1:complete book 2:com...
His Muffin by babystepswriter
His Muffinby Faye
Amigos'Love Story (Series)- Standalone book A series about love stories of four amigos- Carlos, Miguel, Tristan & Manuel. His Muffin (Book 3) Trisha Clarke, a singer in...
Dream SMP x Reader - One shots by 14cheesyfries
Dream SMP x Reader - One shotsby mim <3
Skeppy, BadBoyHalo, a6d, Spifey, Dream, GeorgeNotFound, 29planets, we have them all. Each story is a short cute story so enjoy Out of respect for all the boys, NO SMUT I...
|Painting Lanterns|T.RiddlexF.Reader|TangledAU| by OhSweetMuffins__
|Painting Lanterns| I wish I had money
FINALLY COMPLETED Okay, nah let me tell you. My favorite princess is Rapunzel right, okay, okay. Now I saw a comment, and I might been a little out of it when I saw it...
yay!!! muffins :) // skephalo by puppygaurder
yay!!! muffins :) // skephaloby oHoHo
While Zak takes another boring shift at his family's bakery, he meets a new customer destined to become a regular. But for some reason... his voice seems familiar. This...
Isn't It Lovely || Boyfriend Oneshots/Imagines by salvatoredaddychill
Isn't It Lovely || Boyfriend ~kindness always~
The title basically explains all. Enjoy reading! Xx
why ¦bbh Fanfic¦ by Nigdora
why ¦bbh Fanfic¦by Nigdora
Everybody knows badboyhalo (Darryl) as a cheerful and wholesome muffin,but is he really?? Find out in the book!! (It will be angsty) (A6d if you see this or any mc YouTu...
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A Demon and A human(?) [Dadboyhalo]  by blueberristark
A Demon and A human(?) [ blueberristark
[cover art not mine] Art belongs to: @MorataArts on Twitter :) Hehehe. The way dadboyhalo sounds low key makes me laugh. BadBoyHalo and his son SapNap. Idk what else to...
Baby Daddy Mendes [COMPLETED] by hoodmendeshoran
Baby Daddy Mendes [COMPLETED]by Maddie
"Again Lily! One two three PUSH!" The nurse placed a hand on my arm while I let out a scream and pushed. Sweat dripped down the side of my face as I kept on...
The Origins of Badboyhalo by LonelyMoonKid
The Origins of Badboyhaloby Moon Kid 48
Darryl ( Badboyhalo's real name ) grew up in a very bad environment with lots of bad people such as ( killers, murders, dictators ext ) One day he finds a necklace that...
meant to be ❥ (mendes) by crazymendess
meant to be ❥ (mendes)by emma mendes
"I know you're broken, and I know you're a mess. But I will try to fix you." ♡ completed 03.13.17 ?
Invisible (Larry Stylinson) (On Hold) by Aimeegawler34
Invisible (Larry Stylinson) (On Aimeegawler34
Harry Styles has a crush on Louis Tomlinson, But Harry is invisible to Louis. Harry wants nothing more than to be with Louis but will popularity and friends keep them ap...
shawn mendes imagines by kelstey
shawn mendes imaginesby 🧿🌞🍄🧘🏻‍♀️🕯
imagines of this adorable muffin man ;)
Twitter // Shiall🌈 by stockholm_styles_
Twitter // Shiall🌈by AJ Horan
The 2cnd book in the Shiall series ✌️: 2/5 Of the series After getting engaged their love seemed like it would last forever, to bad there are some problems. All the Lov...
remote friends or?||•'.☀︎︎*:skephalo*•'.☁︎: by justfornxstxlgia
remote friends or?||•'.☀︎︎* sonny
hello! this is my frist story in english so don't be mean thanks :) it talks about how both zak and darryl are depressed and they help each other. also tw: sex, alcholi...
The Marriage// Shiall🍑 by stockholm_styles_
The Marriage// Shiall🍑by AJ Horan
The 4th book in the Shiall series ✌️: 4/5 Of the series Shawn and Niall encounter some problems with PTSD and during their honeymoon they get more a few unexpected pro...
Vsco // Shiall🍑 by stockholm_styles_
Vsco // Shiall🍑by AJ Horan
The 3rd book in the Shiall series ✌️: 3/5 Of the series Grieving from the loss of their two band mates the boys have a surprise for their fans and a new band and tour s...
Randomness and Memes by CupcakeGoodra
Randomness and Memesby 🧁Cupcake Goodra🧁
I decided to take a break from Cookie Run-Love in Life but I will continue it :/ no worries if you worry about it :/ It will be updated mostly everyday :/ Anyways, this...
Shawn Mendes Facts by fanficsforshawn
Shawn Mendes Factsby Bae
Just some fun and rare facts about the one and only talented Canadian boy, Shawn Mendes.