Stockholm Syndrome - H.S

Stockholm Syndrome - H.S

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Sofie Brand By Iddea99 Completed

She wanted to go home more than anything, she was desperate, she never liked parties. Never wanted to look like a loner, even though she was. Caitlyn Winter eventually bumped into someone, that was nothing but arrogant and a complete asshole. But his green eyes and beauty, it made her drown into him. She never wanted to rely on him, but she didn't have any choice while she was freezing to death on her walk home. But the jerk, offered again to take her home. 

She never understood by that time, how stupid she could be. How his beauty, could make her believe such a lie.

When Caitlyn Winter find herself in his car, she never saw it coming that her home would only be a couple of steps away. But Harry Styles is closer, so she find herself hours after in the backseats of his car, having a bad headache and is far, far away from home, and trapped with him.

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hrystyles24 hrystyles24 May 14
actually, I don't have one as i'm only reading fanfictions of harry ;)
Ta12ki Ta12ki May 11
I'm offended... No I'm just kidding that's pretty accurate about my life...😂😂
5sosisBAE333 5sosisBAE333 Feb 20, 2017
If only her name started with a k 
                              My names katy 😂😂😂😂😂😂
- - Feb 22, 2016
Caty seems insecure :( I can't wait to see how her character develops throughout the story
Iram__ Iram__ Sep 03, 2016
masqueradeofwords masqueradeofwords Nov 30, 2014
i read the description and the plot of your story is terrible something like " house at the end of the street" movie  xD it is different and interesting 
                              I'm 100% interested in reading this fanfic