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Star-Crossed (Hold)

Star-Crossed (Hold)

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lindsay By uniqueone95 Updated Oct 11, 2011

(Author Note: This is not like a crazy story with only action! Yes there is LOTS of action and such but it's also a ROMANCE.) Accacia Rose Dracose is hunted. Has been hunted for almost as long as she can remember. Moving from place to place, never making friends, never getting attached. Because if you get attached, those feelings can and will be used against you, at least, if you're Accacia. It's do or die, do or die for her, no feeling, no regrets. But then she finds herself in Leadville and she meets Jason Moonlight, weird name, they know, but she can't deny her feelings for him, and must do all she can to avoid him to save him.

Jason Maxwell Moonlight hates his last name. Jason Maxwell Moonlight is popular. He's a werewolf, next in line to be Alpha, in fact. Have you ever heard the saying "Alone in a crowd"? He hasn't found his one and only, his mate. And he's the only teenager in his pack not to do so, things are looking bleak. Until a mysterious girl named Rose Jones shows up. Beautiful, alone and with more secrets than a locked box, he is immediately drawn to her. The only problem is: isn't she a human?

uniqueone95 uniqueone95 Feb 04, 2011
@rockmysocks lol thanks! I wanted something that was very fantasyish but at the same time something a guy would probably hate!
rockmysocks rockmysocks Feb 03, 2011
Acckkk!! D:  I'm not so good with werewolves... :[
                              But I tried it and it's okay :D  Hope it gets even better as it goes! :]
                              I think your title is cool! :)
uniqueone95 uniqueone95 Feb 03, 2011
Accacia means "thorn" in either latin or Greek, but title suggestions would be appreciated!!