Pregnant With the Player's Baby

Pregnant With the Player's Baby

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TeenFictionLuver By TeenFictionLuver Updated Sep 12, 2018

"Well hello there little lady," a familiar yet husky-sexy voice filled my ears.

I look up slowly, to find a shirtless Michael standing just a few inches away from me. My mouth just hangs wide open and I drop the glass of soda to the floor. How could I not notice how sexy he was before; a perfect six-pack, a perfectly structured face, everything a sexy god should have. I look down at the floor in embarrassment which quickly turned into irritation. I'm supposed to be hating him, not checking him out. I look up to see a smirking Micheal.

"Like what you see?"

"Like hell I do..." I replied

"Well from the look on your face, I'd say you do." He said back

I rolled my eyes, "Whatever."

Without a warning he comes even closer, so that our noses touched.

"You know what, I really like you," says Micheal.


That's what they always saw before something spontaneous happens. Here we have Lea Ann Wilson, a junior in high school and well-known ladies man, Micheal Livingston who happens to be a senior. All is well until they find themselves in a hypnotic daze when they finally lock eyes.

What will happen when their worlds successfully collide and the sparks begin flying wildly? Find out it Pregnant With the Player's Baby!

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