A Minor Offense

A Minor Offense

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Brookie Rae By Hopeless_Dreamer98 Completed

"Well,  Ms. Ashley, nothing is wrong with you. You're as healthy as ever" I sighed with relief. 
"So, what happened then?" I asked the doctor. 
"When was your last menstrul cycle?"
"Um last month I think, why?" I answered. Why would he ask that? 
"Your four weeks pregnant" the doctor said. What? Pregnant? Yeah okay, that's funny. 
"Very funny"
"This is no joke, congratulations!" 
"W-what?" I stuttered. "No, please say your lying"
"I'm afraid not"
I looked over to Dylan who's eyes were wide and he just stared at me. His eyes moved from mine to my stomach. 
Oh no… 


Jessica Ashley: smart, funny, beautiful, 17 year old girl who practically raises her sister. 
Dylan Saunders: hot, sweet, 23 old guy who met Jessica at a bar. 
Jessica and Dylan meet at a bar and decide to go home together. They get hooked on each other, only to find out Dylan is Jessica's English teacher! Will the couple stay together, or will the law break them apart?

Caution: Vulgar language will be used in this story!

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UglyMarshmallow UglyMarshmallow Apr 25, 2016
🎶Somebody come get her, she's dancing like a stripper🎶