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The Players Baby

The Players Baby

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Em. By FireHazard Completed

November Smith --   the girl that everyone knows. The same one that every guy wants to take out on a date.     Micheal Kingston --   king of the school, and all of the ladies in it. They drool over his gorgeous looks, and the rich-boy attitude.     Except for Nova. She couldn't care less about that boy, unlike every other girl. Micheal doesn't even know her, let alone speak to her. He's never seen her in his entire life. Or so he says.  Their parents just happen to be friends from back when they were in high school.   So, when Micheal's parents want him to be more responsible and mature, they start a search for his perfect wife who will set him straight and tell him right from wrong. His parents are offering half a million dollars to whoever take a up on the offer. Nova's parents jump at the offer, making their daughter take the position of his wife.   The two clash when they meet, immediately hating each other. they despise every last bit.   He's a disgusting jerk who doesn't care about anyone but himself.   She's a stuck up baby who is a goody-two-shoes.     But they'll have to sort everything out when they hear his parents' first words to the married couple.     "We want you two to have a child."

EmilyLynn12345 EmilyLynn12345 4 days ago
This is like super awkward.. My brothers name is Cameron Johnston... Wtf😂
1) my classes are about 80 minutes each and 2) why is the lunch so early?!
tori5932 tori5932 Jul 11
Most of the teens in wattpad books take French class and I know French from taking it in high school 4th year hell yeah I feel like a wattpad girl
tigertabolt tigertabolt Jul 14
I was kicked out of french because i was so bad, Tbh i can't talk in english or spell so it was not a supries really
I remember my classmate having a crush on this guy bc she accidentally held his hand when she dropped her crayons. Gosh
secret1eh secret1eh Jul 03
My parents would murder me if I got anything below an A 😑