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The Perfect Storm 2 by Mandalev19
The Perfect Storm 2by Amelia Levi
Madison and Miles continue to be tested while they try to navigate through their rocky relationship. Odds are on their side, bringing them back to one another, closer th...
Coupon collecting villain x reincarnated cannon fodder by Genguin
Coupon collecting villain x Genguin
"I've been saving this for myself, b-but if you're willing to come with me to my brother's wedding reception I can give it to you." He shakily held out a flims...
RAISING BLAKE  by fanficlover310
RAISING BLAKE by His Butterflies
BOOK 1 of the raising series When new girl Aiko Shu moves to California with her Father after escaping from her crazy mother and her family she transfers to a new school...
Mr. L's DILEMMA: Can't Help Falling In Love With You (BOOK 2) by PrettySav15
Mr. L's DILEMMA: Can't Help
After years of longing, Jennie Ruby Jane was finally going to marry the man of her dreams - Lalisa Manoban. However, on her wedding day, the tragic death of Jeon Somi, h...
Avoiding the Spotlight by eggyror
Avoiding the Spotlightby ror
*( Yandere MHA/BNHA x Reader )* ─── ❖ ── ✦ ── ❖ ─── "Peace... ah, it almost seems foreign to me. How long has it last been since I've felt peace? I don't remember...
Cruico  || Sebastian Sallow  by LunaCeller
Cruico || Sebastian Sallow by LunaCeller
Cruico is about Sebastian Sallow X Fem Oc. ------------- The story takes place in the year 1890. _________ Sebastian had known Arabella ever since they were kids. But ev...
Toxic Four You  by vndctvv
Toxic Four You by vndctvv
Baby just read 🩷
Twisted Faults "Heaven And Hell" by fictionalaroma
Twisted Faults "Heaven And Hell"by Rohit Gupta
It's a story of A a playboy who fell for her dad friends daughter and her schoolmate to but when he saw her for first time he didn't saw her face so he can't recognize h...
Woven fate by Kylie04411
Woven fateby Shattered Gloss
"Undergoing EDITING" Proverbs 20:15 ( There is gold and abundance of costly stones, but the lips of knowledge are a precious jewel.) A journey of a man haunte...
Second chance at love by Kadpul_Stories
Second chance at loveby Kadpul-2008
Dev kapoor a stone hearted business man lives in L.A and Is the leader of the American mafia. He is feared by many why not because he is really ruthless. He is a single...
His Game Of Simon Says by My_life32
His Game Of Simon Saysby Cheyenne
Is it a game to save her life or is Simon playing to win?
AMAYA by aeyeeem
AMAYAby aeyeeem
Meet Amaya Abubakar Danbatta a 20 year old girl who is a model and a fashion lover also a simple and carefree girl but yet very mysterious. Not to forget her modeling ca...
•Ōscillatioņ• [The Mysterious Letter] England Cricket Team/ by SHIRIN SHANTA  by Shanta_001
•Ōscillatioņ• [The Mysterious śhªńťā
"You love the Flower cause it has no Smell" [Dedicated to my Father who lets us be happier when he was dying inside] Jimmy was detached from everything and thr...
"Bloodshed" -- Yandere One-shots by Birchiewoof
"Bloodshed" -- Yandere One-shotsby Birchie
{Yandere!Various X Reader} ___ "You're my purpose, my possession, live in die in my obsession." ___ Original yandere characters and storylines galore. Read th...
Arman and Assar. by hertahira
Arman and 𝔗𝔞𝔥𝔦𝔯𝔞🖤
A FULANI COUSIN'S LOVE STORY --- "Whether you love me or not that's your problem, whether you want this marriage or not that's your buisness, Halima would be here t...
Hushed Confessions | ✔ by Beauty4evar
Hushed Confessions | ✔by Shadia N.
A witty Muslim, a hot cop, a hilarious band of friends, and a psycho killer. What could go wrong? * * * Meet Sajdaa Taha. A sassy, hilarious, and intelligent seventeen...
Alpha Jaxon by TheGreatMysticArcane
Alpha Jaxonby Arcane
"Foolish Alpha's! I told you this bond is unbreakable! I warned you if you did this great power would come, evil powers and you didn't listen!" The Oracle yell...
The Hacker And The Mafia by kyiahwrites
The Hacker And The Mafiaby zoe 🌜
The hacker and the mafia:- A pact of love and Betrayal. A tale of love, betrayal and destruction. Forced to hack, fated to love:- a story of tech and romance, Read out...
Dwindling Healing | Jimin Hybrid Au| by jiyabtsstan12
Dwindling Healing | Jimin Hybrid Jiya
You are a hardworking undercover spy. You have always wanted to save as many hybrids as you can. You know all about the pain and hardship they suffer because of human so...
Fixation by Twiira
Fixationby Twiira
[Completed] "I thought I changed. Perhaps that was just an illusion I believed in." When Ace transfers to a new school, she sees this as a new opportunity to s...