What About Us?

What About Us?

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Maroon.24 By creatistx Updated Aug 08, 2017

I finally looked up at him and laughed. As soon as our gazes locked I think I was going melt by the intensity in his eyes. "Just promise one thing, neonata." Dylan leaned his forehead against mine. "You and I until the end."

I nodded my head and smiled at him. "Me and you." Dylan raised his head and kissed my forehead.

I rested my head back on his shoulder.

Me and Dylan.


Autumn O'Ryan is quiet. Very quiet. She just sits and watches everything that goes on around her. 

So, she certainly doesn't miss when badass Dylan Sawyer arrives on campus. He is also very attentive and Autumn notices this right away, of course. 

The two of them immediately cross paths, resulting in a strange yet comfortable relationship that can't be broken. I mean opposites attract....or so they say. 

When Autumn's feelings for Dylan take an unexpected turn, she slowly accepts the fact that she is falling for him. And she's falling fast.

Unfortunately, Dylan doesn't feel the same way. He has his eyes set on Alexis Anderson. 

Dylan and Autumn go on and learn so many things about each other, letting each other in, becoming closer and closer. From family issues, obsessions, and...anger issues?

Follow Autumn and Dylan as they realize even the most attentive people can be oblivious to anything.

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my_life_is_on_fire my_life_is_on_fire Nov 24, 2017
Am I the only one who's first thought when they saw the title of the book was "what about our promises"
SkylarPayne13 SkylarPayne13 Sep 05, 2017
You have all my favorite actors in a STORY IM SCREAMING I LOVE THIS
PiscesCashae PiscesCashae Jul 26, 2017
I feel like I'm in for a treat I see Dyl, Cody, Dave and Maia this is going to be.... EPIC