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Code Geass: America's Revenge by DewElr
Code Geass: America's Revengeby DewElr
George Washington's Rebellion or in our timeline the American Revolution has failed, but history books said that he died from the battlefield, but what if that was wrong...
The Ill-mannered Door (humorous sci-fi) by sfreader7
The Ill-mannered Door (humorous sc...by Steve Bart
What would you do if you woke to find a door in your room? No, not an ordinary, well-behaved door that stays in the wall where it belongs, but one standing near the side...
Through the Wormhole by CroodsGirl
Through the Wormholeby Viktoria Fyodorova
|6X FEATURED · SLOW UPDATES DUE TO ONC| Daniel Matton wasn't ready for an adventure, not until 3023 sent him into space on a journey to prehistoric times. The prehistori...
Separated & Awaited || Trolls FanFiction by Zachifier
Separated & Awaited || Trolls FanF...by Zachifier
Story takes place after the first Trolls movie. Poppy didnt know where she is, or where she's at. Because of her stupidity of not focusing on her surroundings and focus...
The Great Galactic Score! by JansOtherStories
The Great Galactic Score!by Jan Karlsson
Demi had tried to atone for her criminal past, but when a bold, adventurous, slightly insane narcissist of a Captain, Frisson 'Friss' Packlightly, falls into her orbit...
The creator's staff by SamFlash4
The creator's staffby Samuel Dankyi-Ankomah
First arc - Genesis ... Have you ever wondered about existence? No? Then prepare yourself for what's coming, an adventure of individuals willing to find out what their...
Change of Perspective by Ebony_Writer
Change of Perspectiveby Ebony_Writer
Allie wakes in a room of a giant. Her very existence is now threatened by the world she's in, where everyone is over twenty times her size. She tries to find safety in t...
Saving Rizal (Arcane Series #1) by JKBell
Saving Rizal (Arcane Series #1)by JKBell
What will you do if you travel back in 19th century? Luis Cass, inspiring Time Traveler, faces the challenges and choices of time traveling. Join him as he went back to...
Marine Luffy meets Pirate Luffy by BizzyGlitch
Marine Luffy meets Pirate Luffyby
Thought this was an interesting concept and couldn't find any good fanfiction, except for one that got discontinued, this is inspired after that. Fanfiction is inspired...
Descendant Of The Frontier ~Markiplier Fanfiction~ by ShroomyWrites
Descendant Of The Frontier ~Markip...by ShroomyWrites
~In Space With Markiplier Fanfiction w/Oc~ (Based on the order I watched the videos) Captain Aria is the boss of Invincible II along side with Mark. Captain Aria decides...
Sir, This is a McDonalds // BTS Crackfic by jellojoon
Sir, This is a McDonalds // BTS Cr...by ➤ 道化師
"Y/N, I'm not lovin' it right now." In which a McDonald's staff gets mixed up in another clown dimension, now having to find their way back, only to find that...
1 | wormholes | | stargate sg-1 by underworld-king
1 | wormholes | | stargate sg-1by Hades
" i'm sorry, who are you? " " ah, major jackson, air force. " in which daniel jackson's twin sister is an air force major with a phd in astrophysics...
Foston Slacks - Time's Flies by JanGoesWriting
Foston Slacks - Time's Fliesby Jan Karlsson
[Watty's 2021 Winner - Sci-Fi Category] Clara only wanted to reach her interview on time. Now she finds herself lost in time, space and reality with only an impeccably d...
Ergo Retrograde (G/t) by ResplendentxReign
Ergo Retrograde (G/t)by 💜[J]💜
(a story of pictures + excerpts) That which was meant to be a simple transport of persons and cargo from one base to another became a fight for one's life. A swift evas...
ARCADE. daniel jackson  by velvetsos
ARCADE. daniel jackson by 𝗮𝗹𝗲𝘅𝗶𝘀.
"astrophysics isn't gonna help with aliens." daniel jackson x oc stargate sg-1 ©velvetsos
The Fortnite Series  by LeoGaming13
The Fortnite Series by LeoGaming13
A story where many Fortnite characters take place in a world they call Fortnite. There are many adventures and battles. Starting off with one of our many favorite charac...
firefight | | john sheppard by underworld-king
firefight | | john sheppardby Hades
" so, married huh? " " Yup. " " and he's a navy commander? " " yup " " you are dead. " " big time. " " c...
Dolled Up and Underdressed (G/t)  by ResplendentxReign
Dolled Up and Underdressed (G/t) by 💜[J]💜
The poor pay more, yet they are the proudest. Pummeled, punished, and proud. But from a single invitation after years of unknown interaction, a fair but fierce maiden ge...
lightning | | stargate franchise au by underworld-king
lightning | | stargate franchise auby Hades
" how did you two meet? " " he walked into me, actually. had his nose buried in a book. " " sounds like quinn. " " doesn't it just? &q...
Dan Dan and the Land of Maths by davejavu42
Dan Dan and the Land of Mathsby davejavu42
Transported to the mirror dimension, Dan Dan and Tiddlepuss must fight to save their world and restore the love song between Mother Earth and Father Sky before Bingo Bil...