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Pen Your Pride


Unusually small by CeceTheCatGirl
Unusually smallby You like Bananas?
This story has Giants in it, so if you like giants. Then this story is for you! And if ya don't like Giants. You can try the story if ya want to, I recommend it, you mig...
  • giant
  • miniature
  • ohgawdagiant
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Two Sentence Horror Stories by TrustyKeyboard
Two Sentence Horror Storiesby TrustyKeyboard
All made by myself. They are all horror stories that are two sentences or sometimes one sentence long. I hope you enjoy these stories that will make you shiver.
  • stalker
  • gore
  • death
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Too Rare to Die (MCYTAU)  (DISCONTINUED for now) by VoreloxFangirls
Too Rare to Die (MCYTAU) ( VoreloxFangirls
Adam's entire life has been lived inside the walls of an abandoned house. He's never seen the outside world, and has never seen a human nor predator before... until now...
  • micro
  • borrowers
  • youtubers
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An Inky Fait *Vore*(Bendy and the ink machine) NOT GOING TO FINISH!!! by Mr_flamingprincess
An Inky Fait *Vore*(Bendy and Mr_flamingprincess
This is a vore fic with different Bendy one shots. Including X reader, Boris, Henry, Joey Drew, and of corse Bendy! if you don't lIke vore, than you can just leave and...
  • divower
  • micro
  • vore
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Concurso 2 k seguidores by NuriGiRu
Concurso 2 k seguidoresby Nuri Gi Ru
En este concurso no debes seguirme, tampoco debes ser lector de mis obras o cuentas. Solo estar dispuesto a pasar un buen rato creando un relato de unas 500 palabras o u...
  • premios
  • relatos
  • paranormal
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ЭММИ (Микро Яой) ** by biskoni
ЭММИ (Микро Яой) **by Biskoni
На коленях лежал окровавленный лами. Худенькие плечики нервно подрагивали, а руки защищались от невидимого врага. - Не бойся, зайчик, все хорошо, не бойся. Я одним пальц...
  • микро
  • микрофилия
  • микрояой
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[BTS x Reader] (In)significant by sophiebybophie
[BTS x Reader] (In)significantby Sophie
Summary: Waking up in Korea three inches tall and no idea how you got there? Unreal. Add the fact you don't even know the language? Surviving just became a whol...
  • macro
  • reader
  • tiny
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Insignificant Bug (G/T One Shots) by macrophiliac
Insignificant Bug (G/T One Shots)by macrophiliac
Contains Vore, giant smut fetish, foot crush, butt crush, smut etc. Enjoy! ;)
  • pay
  • macro
  • girlxboy
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My words, non-existent  by Vayvay_koza
My words, non-existent by Vayvay_koza
A tinge of my soul, a piece of my heart and a part of my imagination being brutally flawed yet hoping that SOMEHOW it will be beautiful. That's what this is.
  • micro
  • poetic
  • amateur
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THE PUNISHER. [GIF SERIES] by selcouthsoul
THE PUNISHER. [GIF SERIES]by ˗ˏˋ ally ˊˎ˗
❝you hit them, and they get back up, i hit them and they stay down.❞ | THE PUNISHER | GIFS & IMAGINES | ALLY © 2017
  • davidlieberman
  • micro
  • frankcastle
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ARTEMIS. [FRANK CASTLE] by selcouthsoul
ARTEMIS. [FRANK CASTLE]by ˗ˏˋ ally ˊˎ˗
❝there is something moon soaked and dawn flavoured about her.❞ | MARVEL'S PUNISHER | FRANK CASTLE | ALAINA © 2017
  • davidliebermen
  • marvelspunisher
  • daredevil
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Between Actuality & a Psychotic Embrace by TAHinsonE84
Between Actuality & a Psychotic T.A. Hinson
A collection of my own combined styles of - Macro Poetry & QuoteArt, which = MacQuote Poetry. Top Ranking: #2 in Micro #2 in Wattys2018 #2 in Heartstrings #3 in Wattpad...
  • macquotepoetry
  • heartbreak
  • writer
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[GT] Little Dreams About Big Things - Short Story Collection by Ehlora
[GT] Little Dreams About Big Eeh Lora
Tiny Tales of Tall and Small *** Currently Contains: Chapter 0: Table of Contents (Includes short descriptions of each story) Chapter 1: Season's Greetings: The Trade (...
  • romance
  • tall
  • big
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❌Frases de Micro TDH ❌ by Zia-Kawaii27
❌Frases de Micro TDH ❌by Lily Kawaii
Frases de este increíble cantante de Trap.
  • tdh
  • musica
  • micro
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Micro 10's by LeannaMayA
Micro 10'sby LeannaMayA
10 word stories From mind, to paper, to text, to Wattpad, to you.
  • micro
  • powerful
  • wattys2018
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Ice cream adventure by TwoTailedMoon
Ice cream adventureby TwoTailedMoon
Two friends live the dream of sledding down a mountain of ice cream! But unfortunately..
  • macro
  • vore
  • shrinking
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En Deux Strophes by JanelleEdenMathis
En Deux Strophesby Janelle Eden-Mathis
Poèmes versifiés ou prosaïques courts / Micro.
  • court
  • texte
  • pensées
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G/t gay furry shite by chickenimbus
G/t gay furry shiteby cumulonimbus
guy finds smol guy in forest
  • gt
  • macromicro
  • sfw
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Hyperdetermination Vert (Chapter 1: Leanbox's Little Brother) (IN PROGRESS) by SylverAndNeptune
Hyperdetermination Vert (Chapter gone for now...
After years and years and YEARS of dreaming, hoping, and praying, Vert finally gained so many shares that it formed into a younger brother named Micro. Overjoyed, she vo...
  • micro
  • rom
  • uni
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Cream Cream Cream by TwoTailedMoon
Cream Cream Creamby TwoTailedMoon
  • micro
  • macro
  • shrunk
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