An Inky Fait *Vore*(Bendy and the ink machine) NOT GOING TO FINISH!!! by Mr_flamingprincess
An Inky Fait *Vore*(Bendy and the...by Grinch Daddy
This is a vore fic with different Bendy one shots. Including X reader, Boris, Henry, Joey Drew, and of corse Bendy! if you don't lIke vore, than you can just leave and...
  • inkdemon
  • swallow
  • stomach
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Two Sentence Horror Stories by TrustyKeyboard
Two Sentence Horror Storiesby TrustyKeyboard
All made by myself. They are all horror stories that are two sentences or sometimes one sentence long. I hope you enjoy these stories that will make you shiver.
  • micro
  • shortstory
  • monster
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ЭММИ (Микро Яой) ** by biskoni
ЭММИ (Микро Яой) **by Biskoni
На коленях лежал окровавленный лами. Худенькие плечики нервно подрагивали, а руки защищались от невидимого врага. - Не бойся, зайчик, все хорошо, не бойся. Я одним пальц...
  • омега
  • gay
  • micro
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MEC by TwoTailedMoon
MECby TwoTailedMoon
A cousins party goes terribly wrong.
  • micro
  • macro
  • feet
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Ussergram by SomosLosMorillo
Ussergramby ..
Yo pues, el usser dah
  • bryan
  • fake
  • venezuela
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G/T One Shots (fight me scrubs) by TheKatQueen
G/T One Shots (fight me scrubs)by TheKatQueen
Why not. My old vore one shots will also be here so whoopdy doo
  • gianttiny
  • macro
  • giant
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Blind Voices (g/t) by of_unsound_mind
Blind Voices (g/t)by ...
Elias is an unusual case. But not exactly in a good way. It was four years that he'd been completely blind. One day, a feminine voice appears in his room, claiming to b...
  • fiction
  • blind
  • gt
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Shrunken (BoyxBoy GiantxTiny story) by PastelTiny
Shrunken (BoyxBoy GiantxTiny story)by Butterscotch
Cover art is not mine, all credit for the art goes to the original creator of the art. Kyle, and Mason, a have been best friends for years, they both developed feelings...
  • shrunken
  • gts
  • love
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Ice cream adventure by TwoTailedMoon
Ice cream adventureby TwoTailedMoon
Two friends live the dream of sledding down a mountain of ice cream! But unfortunately..
  • macro
  • micro
  • shrinking
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Playing Around by TwoTailedMoon
Playing Aroundby TwoTailedMoon
An odd dollhouse arrives with the ability to shrink people small enough to enter it!
  • macro
  • unaware
  • humiliation
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Party Foul (G/t) by ResplendentxReign
Party Foul (G/t)by ResplendentxReign
Radicality becomes a rescue mission. Three fighter friends zoom as a party from a small party of their own to a giant one that they shouldn't have gone to but must in or...
  • giants
  • giant
  • helicopter
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Important! by ZardinTheBrokenAtlas
Important!by S. M. Plumely
This is a quick little thing I wanna tell ya!
  • patreon
  • gt
  • 2019
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Soy un perdedor (Eddie Kaspbrak y Tú) by ValeARMY0
Soy un perdedor (Eddie Kaspbrak y...by Vale974_YT
Luego de la muerte de la mamá de ___ Tozier, ella y su papá se van a vivir a Argentina. 5 años mas tarde, se mudan a "Derry", el pueblo donde vive Richie Tozie...
  • enrique
  • stan
  • gretta
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Between Actuality & a Psychotic Embrace by TAHinsonE84
Between Actuality & a Psychotic Em...by T.A. Hinson
A collection of my own combined styles of - Macro Poetry & QuoteArt, which = MacQuote Poetry. Copyright © 2017 By T. A. Hinson All Rights Reserved All rights reserved...
  • anthology
  • macquotepoetry
  • writer
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(NOT CONTINUING) Tiny!UF!Mettaton X Reader by StrongWeakling151
(NOT CONTINUING) Tiny!UF!Mettaton...by StrongWeakling
Your just a girl that loves nature. You love life, plants, animals, basically anything! But your abused at home, sometimes making you forget your cheerfulness. When you...
  • mettafell
  • giant
  • underfell
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Lost and Found by ZardinTheBrokenAtlas
Lost and Foundby S. M. Plumely
(For all the people who do not understand what GT is, it stands for Giant&Tiny.) A 16year old girl, who is living by herself due to an accident, finds herself in a stran...
  • lonely
  • giant
  • gt
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Cream Cream Cream by TwoTailedMoon
Cream Cream Creamby TwoTailedMoon
  • macro
  • crush
  • shrink
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Unusually small by CeceTheCatGirl
Unusually smallby You like Bananas?
This story has Giants in it, so if you like giants. Then this story is for you! And if ya don't like Giants. You can try the story if ya want to, I recommend it, you mig...
  • wellwritten
  • fantasy
  • nature
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Капризное блюдо (Микро Яой)** by biskoni
Капризное блюдо (Микро Яой)**by Biskoni
Лэк наслаждается увиденным. На широкой тарелке, дико извивается маленький мальчик, жалобно хныча и жмуря глазки. На нем надеты кофточка и штаны, но, судя по всему, этот...
  • micro
  • микрофилия
  • слеш
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Patients Zero (G/t) by ResplendentxReign
Patients Zero (G/t)by ResplendentxReign
It's both a pun and reality: both unfortunate. In the midst of chaos, if two are meant to collide, then they will, and so they did, pulling toward each other in ways tha...
  • giant
  • tiny
  • disease
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