Living Dolls by DreamingDaniela
Living Dollsby DreamingDaniela
When the wealthy, lonely home bound Julien Anzo gets his hand on a matter reduction device, he goes ahead to have too much fun. Over the course of seven years, one by on...
  • tiny
  • abduct
  • shrunk
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G/t gay furry shite by chickenimbus
G/t gay furry shiteby cumulonimbus
guy finds smol guy in forest
  • furry
  • gt
  • sfw
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G/T One Shots (fight me scrubs) by TheKatQueen
G/T One Shots (fight me scrubs)by TheKatQueen
Why not. My old vore one shots will also be here so whoopdy doo
  • tiny
  • macro
  • micro
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Two Sentence Horror Stories by TrustyKeyboard
Two Sentence Horror Storiesby TrustyKeyboard
All made by myself. They are all horror stories that are two sentences or sometimes one sentence long. I hope you enjoy these stories that will make you shiver.
  • spooky
  • micro
  • gore
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Insignificant Bug (G/T One Shots) by macrophiliac
Insignificant Bug (G/T One Shots)by macrophiliac
Contains Vore, giant smut fetish, foot crush, butt crush, smut etc. Enjoy! ;)
  • giantess
  • buttcursh
  • boyxboy
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Blind Voices (g/t) by of_unsound_mind
Blind Voices (g/t)by ...
Elias is an unusual case. But not exactly in a good way. It was four years that he'd been completely blind. One day, a feminine voice appears in his room, claiming to b...
  • g-t
  • borrower
  • fiction
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ЭММИ (Микро Яой) ** by biskoni
ЭММИ (Микро Яой) **by Biskoni
На коленях лежал окровавленный лами. Худенькие плечики нервно подрагивали, а руки защищались от невидимого врага. - Не бойся, зайчик, все хорошо, не бойся. Я одним пальц...
  • беременность
  • гей
  • микрофилия
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Punisher & Lightning by shygirlxwriting20
Punisher & Lightningby AJ Crespo
Peyton Castle was the rebellious teenaged daughter of Frank Castle who spent most of her life with her father overseas so picking her up from Livewire and grounding her...
  • mattmurdock
  • karenpage
  • dinahmadani
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An Inky Fait *Vore*(Bendy and the ink machine) NOT GOING TO FINISH!!! by Mr_flamingprincess
An Inky Fait *Vore*(Bendy and the...by Mr_flamingprincess
This is a vore fic with different Bendy one shots. Including X reader, Boris, Henry, Joey Drew, and of corse Bendy! if you don't lIke vore, than you can just leave and...
  • bendyandtheinkmachine
  • eat
  • nomnom
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School For The Sizes by BiggnAnSmol
School For The Sizesby BigAndSmall
It was the first day of a new school, a school to bring the two races together. Humans and Enormen. The two races peacefully co-existed with each other, by barely intera...
  • macro
  • fantasy
  • shrunk
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[GT] Little Dreams About Big Things - Short Story Collection by Ehlora
[GT] Little Dreams About Big Thing...by Eeh Lora
Tiny Tales of Tall and Small *** Currently Contains: Chapter 0: Table of Contents (Includes short descriptions of each story) Chapter 1: Season's Greetings: The Trade (...
  • fluff
  • size
  • micro
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Was that Ha-chu, or Haiku? by TAHinsonE84
Was that Ha-chu, or Haiku?by T.A. Hinson
Everything in between the form and style of Haiku's. Copyright © 2017 By T. A. Hinson All Rights Reserved All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reprodu...
  • wattpadpoetry
  • lgbt
  • wattys
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Closed Captioning (G/t) by ResplendentxReign
Closed Captioning (G/t)by a not-so-bite-sized bitch
Hey! Down here! No, down. Yes, all the way down. Keep going. Almost, and... Yeah, hi! Uh... Say "Cheese!" This is a picture + (super) short story + notes compi...
  • captions
  • macrophilia
  • pictures
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Playing Around by TwoTailedMoon
Playing Aroundby TwoTailedMoon
An odd dollhouse arrives with the ability to shrink people small enough to enter it!
  • humiliation
  • micro
  • unaware
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「Mi Cerdito. . . Mi Alfa」- Yuurivic/Yuurivik  (Short Fic) by Astery-Fiore
「Mi Cerdito. . . Mi Alfa」- Yuurivi...by Astery Fiore
「sabes que es tú pareja destinada, cuando cambia la moda y los flashes de las cámaras por un buen café y un tierno querer...」 -Donde Yuuri es un amable y prestigioso due...
  • fanfic
  • comedia
  • âu
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Macro/Micro One Shots by BiggnAnSmol
Macro/Micro One Shotsby BigAndSmall
Just random things about gt (giants & giantesses) without needing to flesh out the lore too much. Any and all ideas are welcome because I'm terrible at them - the more t...
  • difference
  • tiny
  • macro
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Experimentation of Micro (G/t) by BiggnAnSmol
Experimentation of Micro (G/t)by BigAndSmall
"Here, ma'am, we have the four subject groups." "Each group is a civilisation of Micros, correct?" "Indeed. Each group has been raised in a diff...
  • giant
  • giants
  • shrink
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Tails Farts On Sonic N' Knuckles by YoshiLovingGamer
Tails Farts On Sonic N' Knucklesby YoshiLovingGamer
-FETISH FICTION- Tails gets back at his nasty buds. Random cover art used by juanjosesa97 at DeviantArt.
  • farts
  • micro
  • anthro
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¢σиfι∂єи¢є by AAstudios-
¢σиfι∂єи¢єby ꈤ ѧяʟȏ ꈤ
A g/t story about a world where tinies have been categorized as pets for the giants running the world. Alex is a tiny who's life has been spent inside various pet shops...
  • deathrefrence
  • giant
  • characterdevelopment
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My words, non-existent  by Vayvay_koza
My words, non-existent by Vayvay_koza
A tinge of my soul, a piece of my heart and a part of my imagination being brutally flawed yet hoping that SOMEHOW it will be beautiful. That's what this is.
  • amateur
  • poetic
  • micro
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