Leave by GoldenScriptWriter
Leaveby Golden Script Writer
One wrong decision can lead to your whole life changing! A young woman who made a mistake is left by her husband when she is pregnant. Five years later, the man realizes...
  • kindergarten
  • stepfather
  • school
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Window (Movie) by mesmewriter
Window (Movie)by Gil De Palma
#1 in Screenplay (Highest ranking) A mute orphan boy rises against all odds to build a global media empire in a world of magical reality, but a vow of vengeance cons...
  • pinoy
  • awardwinning
  • fiction
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Experimental Game (A Victor Creed Love Story) by Phantomauthor
Experimental Game (A Victor Phantomauthor
When Victor Creed wakes up in Styker's lab with no real memory of how he got there, it's up to him and the tempting lab assistant, Klāra, to find out what happened. Join...
  • xmen
  • marvel
  • screenplay
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HEIST by HeistEandE
HEISTby Emma and Eden
"morality is what you make of it" Selene Alexandria Lance wants out, but the only way out in in a body bag. Which would be fine if it was only her life that w...
  • screenplay
  • thriller
  • femaleprotagonist
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The Boy From the Bunker by Hakuna
The Boy From the Bunkerby - ̗̀ N i N i ̖́-
❛A voice from the Outside, and Wynnlow knew that there were more than 17 people left alive in the world. The ground trembled and he stepped back from the wall of cement...
  • ravenreyes
  • dystopian
  • theboyfromthebunker
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Z-O-M-B-I-E-S (Fan Fiction Sequel Screenplay) by VeepuEco
Z-O-M-B-I-E-S (Fan Fiction Veepu Eco
A year has passed since the event of the first movie. The people are finally accepting Zombies back into the community. Below the building that exploded decades ago that...
  • dcom
  • zombies
  • screenplay
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|Heritage| ~Season 1~ by EmeryHale
|Heritage| ~Season 1~by Wattpadgirl9300
This is an original screenplay based off the hit TV series Charmed. This follows the next generation of the Charmed ones :-)
  • nextgen
  • powerofthree
  • chris
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INTERSTATE (Screenplay) by pnwscribe
INTERSTATE (Screenplay)by KC Jones
Annabelle Scott is 22 weeks pregnant and trapped in a dangerous marriage to her increasingly violent husband, Joe. But she is unexpectedly emancipated after being carjac...
  • road
  • bankrobbery
  • screenplay
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Bakery Girl by GoldenScriptWriter
Bakery Girlby Golden Script Writer
All she wants to do is own a bakery. All he wants is for her to fall in love with him. He's willing to do anything for her including get her the bakery she's always drea...
  • dreams
  • generalfiction
  • highschool
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Not even my child  by GoldenScriptWriter
Not even my child by Golden Script Writer
A husband and wife really want to have a baby. But due to the wife's infertility, they cannot have a baby. The only solution is for one of them to preform the act of adu...
  • husbandandwife
  • child
  • theater
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I found a new lover by GoldenScriptWriter
I found a new loverby Golden Script Writer
The script is the sequel to Mario: a lover or a cheater. If you liked that script, then you'll love this script. - - - Mario has been exposed! He is no longer the video...
  • princesspeach
  • mario
  • rosalina
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You should know not to sleep in my class little one by GoldenScriptWriter
You should know not to sleep in Golden Script Writer
A teacher's job is to make sure all of their students succeed in their class. But this teacher has a problem. A student always falls asleep in his class but she's a good...
  • teacherxstudent
  • theater
  • familyissues
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Final Dance by GoldenScriptWriter
Final Danceby Golden Script Writer
A young girl gets her life taken away when she decides to drive home from her father's second wedding. When she is called for the daddy-daughter dance at the wedding, ev...
  • family
  • search
  • theatre
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BloodGuilt (Screenplay) by Dkay3000
BloodGuilt (Screenplay)by The SceneWriter
A career criminal (Amos) kills his partner in crime (Silas), leaving all the money from a previous job to himself. But, before he can get away, Amos must break free from...
  • shortstory
  • psychological
  • horror
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Orphans (Screenplay) by fireyoongi
Orphans (Screenplay)by micky :-)
Screenplay adaptation of my discontinued story 'Orphans'. This version completes the story of Mari and Yoongi.
  • movie
  • play
  • screenplay
Chasing The Sun: Screen Play by Brandon-Hamilton
Chasing The Sun: Screen Playby Sweeney&Hamilton=a Friday nig...
Four teenagers pursue their creative dreams but the more they try, the more that they realize that pursuing their dream would be a lot harder than they expected.
  • script
  • dreams
  • dream
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Little Known Fact - Screenplay by CoderBee22
Little Known Fact - Screenplayby j o a n
An action-packed thiller about a girl who is known to be quiet and introverted and is often seen wearing an earthly red beanie and a bomber jacket with books and journal...
  • script
  • humor
  • izaadams
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Every Night A Child Cries (Short Film Script) by jacob_s712
Every Night A Child Cries (Short j a c o b. s o u s a
Paul thinks his life is a total disaster but once he gets lost in a neighborhood after running away, he wishes he never left.
  • script
  • teendrama
  • sad
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Living in the Brooklyn City by GoldenScriptWriter
Living in the Brooklyn Cityby Golden Script Writer
Rosalina,daughter of Toad and Toadette, is still going to the Boarding School in Brooklyn and she's having the time of her life. But will she have even more fun when she...
  • rosalina
  • screenplay
  • acting
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The Boys of Cherry Hill by DaughterOfIcarus
The Boys of Cherry Hillby DaughterOfIcarus
People who are lost have a way of finding each other. It's remarkable really, how bad you can be at taking care of yourself, but be just what someone else needs to surv...
  • screenplay
  • script
  • heart-warming
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