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The Binding Road by TinaMarie_LS
The Binding Roadby TinaMarie_xoxo
The Binding Road illustrates how a common ground can create peace between two completely different towns. It's a road that connects the rich and the poor. It's where the...
  • street
  • road
  • script
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The Children of Time (Screenplay Version) by ChaieneS
The Children of Time (Screenplay Chaiene Santos
Based on HQ The Children of Time, co-author: @carlosrocha. A young student rescues a princess from an exoplanet. He faces a dangerous enemy who wants to take over the th...
  • sciencefiction
  • romance
  • featured
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The Otherworlders ✨ - THE COMPLETE SEASON 1 by paulapdx
The Otherworlders ✨ - THE Paula G.
SOON TO BE A WATTPAD NEXT STORY. Readers of The Otherworlders' favorites include Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Teen Wolf and The Mortal Instruments. Take all that goodnes...
  • lgbt
  • magic
  • asexual
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His Slave by RavensxWorld
His Slaveby Raven's World
  • dominant
  • screenplay
  • girlxgirl
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Windwalker: Nothing Left (original) by thechandscreenwrites
Windwalker: Nothing Left (original)by chandscreenwrites
Tess is a teenager with a bad attitude, troubled past, and a grody perception of the world. Recently discovered by billionaire inventor and known superhero, Tony Stark a...
  • screenplay
  • falcon
  • marvelfanfic
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Boy Hunting || COMING SOON by DGP123
Boy Hunting || COMING SOONby D
Sometimes, what you are looking for comes when you're not looking at all. - Anonymous Copyright © DGP123 NOVELS 2018 ♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞
  • shortstory
  • teenlife
  • heartache
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Screenplay READING "The Price of Fame" by CecilHolmes9
Screenplay READING "The Price of Michael Jackson"Alive" Docume...
Pearl Jr wrote a screenplay and she is reading a portion of it in this video
  • movie
  • michael
  • hoax
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Susan's{37}Asylum by KennJamisonJr
Susan's{37}Asylumby •Kouboi(O_o)Kenn•
...Imagine... Stephen Kings' Castle Rock, Maine in the Southern Appalachians... like the Addams Family moves to Mayberry, N.C...Normal everyday lives inundated by common...
  • sbs
  • ppp
  • screenplay
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"Is this a trap?" (A Introductory Short Story) by AnthonyValade
"Is this a trap?" (A Anthony Valade
Our character awakens from a deep sleep to find himself cold, alone, and being provoked from beyond the scene.
  • short
  • script
  • screenplay
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A wish upon a dandelion tree by GoldenScriptWriter
A wish upon a dandelion treeby Golden Script Writer
A girl who is known as Saffron wishes upon a dandelion flower and she wishes for the same thing on every dandelion flower. She wishes for Ray, but will her wish ever com...
  • screenplay
  • hope
  • truelove
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Welcome To Night Vale Fanfic by awritersdisguise
Welcome To Night Vale Fanficby Nichole
  • nightvalecommunityradio
  • podcast
  • welcometonightvale
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If Your Life Was a Movie: A Kellic Love Story by dont_let_me_stay
If Your Life Was a Movie: A Maria Blurryface
The heartwarming story of two boys falling in love and the ups and downs of high school relationships. Starring Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes. Soundtrack by Pierce the...
  • love
  • vicfuentes
  • kellic
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It's Under There! by ContagionIsMe
It's Under There!by Jacob Pickett
One Scene dialogue of a child trying to convince his parents that there IS a monster under his bed.
  • dialogue
  • thriller
  • story
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Narrative of a High Schooler by highkeyhatesyou
Narrative of a High Schoolerby han
High school can be a very troublesome time. Very few make it all four years unscathed by some absolutely dramatizing experience. Even fewer, enjoy high school. They say...
  • highschoolexperience
  • highschool
  • misfits
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The Highlands  by JohnWalker730
The Highlands by John Walker
Family, Duty, Honor, Loyalty, Betrayal, Destiny! These nouns come together to form a story about a family who were blessed with the Devine gift of mounting dragons.. But...
  • directed
  • exciting
  • dungeonsanddragons
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Falling Stars by melly_melly
Falling Starsby Mélina
Screenplay for a mystery. Fourth week, fourth victim of a serial killer. Will Alexia stop the murdered before he or she dumps a fifth actress into the alley?
  • stars
  • screenplay
  • movie
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Finding Jennie Miller by Hobbit4Lyfe
Finding Jennie Millerby Hobbit4Lyfe
In the middle of the night, Kate Cabot gets a phone call from a mysterious man, telling her that he knows what happened to her long lost friend Jennie Miller. Originally...
  • screenplay
  • suspense
Sherlock Holmes Is Gay And Has Adventures by popcornlesbian
Sherlock Holmes Is Gay And Has Grace 🌈🍿✨
Sherlock is gay. This story is gay. I'm gay. What the fuck. -I do not own BBC Sherlock -contains swearing + wink wink nudge nudge lines -I do know how to speak proper En...
  • thejohnlockconspiracy
  • memes
  • funny
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Antisepticeye takes over by GoldenScriptWriter
Antisepticeye takes overby Golden Script Writer
Antisepticeye takes over YouTube and changes it to darktube. He starts dating Darkiplier and he captures Jacksepticeye, his goody two shoes twin, and now he must capture...
  • danti
  • acting
  • scriptwriting
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