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The Infiltrator (A Flash Fanfic)  by Theflash2467
The Infiltrator (A Flash Fanfic) by Theflash2467
10 year old Lexi woke up one day on a park bench with no idea where or who she was. 6 years later, the woman who was like a mother to Lexi, suddenly dies in the night. N...
Reviving Luna: A Novel by thirteen_excelsior
Reviving Luna: A Novelby Tommy Raña
"Let me go. Let me fall into the sky!" Daniel bawled. "Set me free! I, a sinner, must perish into the firmaments," he broke into tears, his pupils di...
Soul Collapsed by authorlaurawinter
Soul Collapsedby Laura Winter
*COMPLETED NaNoWriMo 2020* Book 4 of the Soul Series (not required to read books 1-3) Kiya has grown up around powers her entire life. She trained for the day she'd ge...
Supernovas & Escapism by duke21
Supernovas & Escapismby this lonesome loser
"You get one chance, fight or flight?" "Escape." "So flight then?" "No, escape." ---- two different boys from two different world...
Black Hole: The Hole To The Future by damselonair
Black Hole: The Hole To The Futureby air
No one knows what the future will be. The future is black and waiting is the only way to see what's in there, not until Ciara Santos discovered the hole to the future, t...
When The Darkness Takes Us by ESHurricane
When The Darkness Takes Usby Emily S Hurricane
All Blair ever wanted was a family. A husband. A child. People to love, and who loved her back. And through careful planning, she finally had those things. Until the wor...
Calytrix's Journey by _LadyBex_
Calytrix's Journeyby _LadyBex_
Calytrix is a young witch that just turned 20. As it is customary for all witches of her age, she must leave her home village and explore the world. She journeys to find...
Dating Father Time's Daughter by Willvote4u
Dating Father Time's Daughterby William Martin
Joe Means was the prototypical "average-Joe," until the day he met a Time Keeper named Pixie. Ever since, he's gone from flipping burgers to twirling scythes a...
Ensemble [Book 1: SEKTOR V Trilogy] by SEKTORV
Ensemble [Book 1: SEKTOR V Trilogy]by SEKTORV
Meet Stanley Dial, an average shmoe, who also happens to be the world's best and most unlikely time traveler in the year 2044. Saddled deep in debt, and sweating the det...
MegaObjectRonpa V1: The Beginning [COMPLETE] by GalaxyWorldz
MegaObjectRonpa V1: The GalaxyWorldz
All 64 BFB Contestants In A Danganronpa Game What Could Go Wrong? (Everything you can think of) The Final 10 Must Complete A Challenge Damn It's been a while I mean I d...
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Engagement [Book 3: SEKTOR V Trilogy] by SEKTORV
Engagement [Book 3: SEKTOR V SEKTORV
In the epic culmination of the SEKTOR V Saga, the final vestiges of Humanity are scattered across the far reaches of the galaxy. After the apocalyptic loss of their hom...
The Being From Another Planet Part 2 - The Search For The Stone  by Zazzy109
The Being From Another Planet Zazzel
Its only been a day. And it feels like an eternity for Matt. He knows he has got to find that stone. Legend says no one has ever found it. So how can a human 7 galaxys a...
Through Time & Space by jbed11
Through Time & Spaceby jbed11
14-year-old Zenith Walters created a whole lot of mistakes in her life. But the worst thing happened, and it was her fault. Their house was broken in, and the (alien) ki...
Left Unsaid by blackholes-x
Left Unsaidby avrilyn [hiatus]
❝ You said g o o d b y e when I was about to say h e l l o . ❞ • • • There's always a certain time and place to say something. The problem though, is that on...
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BFB: Truth or Dare!by F꙰A꙰N꙰D꙰O꙰M꙰ A꙰C꙰C꙰〜
Ever had something to ask the Battle for Dream Island contestants, or perhaps wanted them to do ANYTHING of your choice? Well, look no further! This book is going to fea...
Worlds breaking (MHA X Pretty Cure Crossover) by ultrastarsupernova
Worlds breaking (MHA X Pretty ultrastarsupernova
Class 1A went out on a field trip and visited multiple hero agencies and a museum about the history of heroes, but as they loaded off the bus upon returning to U.A. a la...
Enlightenment [Book 2: SEKTOR V Trilogy] by SEKTORV
Enlightenment [Book 2: SEKTOR V SEKTORV
Book two of the SEKTOR V Trilogy expands into the Galactic unknown. In Enlightenment, Humanity's myopic and solitary existence is suddenly thrust into the domain of str...
Mystical Night by Madhavani
Mystical Nightby Madhavani
The night sky is like the sweetest smiles that hold the darkest secrets. The more you know the more paradox it creates. But this mystery always makes us curious to know...
The EDEN War - Book 3 of the Re-Forge Quartet by KeenWannabe
The EDEN War - Book 3 of the Keen Wannabe
Humankind to pause the tide of alien invasion in breathtaking fashion, but enemy numbers continue to grow as more alien Motherships arrive in Earth space. The invading...
 [universe facts] by spookybisexual
[universe facts]by Irva
《I know nothing with any certainty,but the sight of stars makes me dream》 - Vincent Van Gogh ©written by; sp00kyirene published at 28.9.2017