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Say you love me (A vampire diaries fan fiction) ***Watty 2013*** by Kaymari
Say you love me (A vampire diaries...by Kaymari
Hello, my name is Thaliana Mikaelson. In 1864 I fell in love with Damon Salvatore. We completed eachother, and were to be married. Even my brother Niklaus approved of h...
The Gilbert Twins (Kol Mikaelson) by TheKailaMR
The Gilbert Twins (Kol Mikaelson)by KailaMR
I'm Jordan Gilbert, twin sister of Jeremy and younger sister to Elena. Growing up in Mystic Falls has never been easy, throw in the supernatural word of vampires, witche...
"The Secret Keeper" by rymess102
"The Secret Keeper"by Rymess
this is the story of the youngest Gilbert. Her name is Jayden Gilbert. She's known as the "flame" in the supernatural world. What happens when she meets the tw...
The other Gilbert (Kol Mikaelson) (Completed) by Sammymbaker99
The other Gilbert (Kol Mikaelson)...by Sam
I'm not that noticeable. I could be standing right next to you and ten minutes later you finally realize that I'm there. I admit that it comes in handy, I can walk into...
The Youngest Salvatore by Tiggylou2004
The Youngest Salvatoreby tiggylou2004
First book. Vanessa Salvatore, 164 year old vampire. Twin sister of Stefan and younger sister of Damon. Through the first 64 years of her vampire life she found her so...
The Broken Mikaelson. by IshipWinterwitch
The Broken Mikaelson.by FaithIgnis
Faith Aurora Mikaelson. Klaus's eldest daughter but he never believed she was his own. Suffering from mental and physical abuse from her family she ran away with her bes...
I'll Last Forever by impalaisbaby
I'll Last Foreverby impalaisbaby
They all thought Stiles was a weak, defenceless human. Boy were they wrong. Stiles or Mieczysław is an original vampire. Craving human blood, Stiles has to keep his secr...
Hello Darling  by just-wanna-go-home
Hello Darling by just-wanna-go-home
Summary: (y/n) is the Salvatore younger sister and she is low key in love with with one of the originals. You know which one. That's basically it. A/N: I've been in love...
My Little Wolf ♛ Klaus Mikaelson by BlowingDaisies
My Little Wolf ♛ Klaus Mikaelsonby ❤️
"And all that we had was lost in that one moment of weakness." Madeline had known the Originals before they turned. In fact, she found herself lucky enough to...
Salvatore sister with a Mikaelson brother(Kol Mikaelson love story) by mrsmikaelson10
Salvatore sister with a Mikaelson...by Elizabeth
The sister of Damon and Stefan Salvatore, Elizabeth Salvatore, was turned 5 days before her brothers and spends many years in England, when she comes back to Mystic Fall...
My secret wolf (Niklaus Mikealson) AU by wolfsdancing453
My secret wolf (Niklaus Mikealson)...by wolfsdancing453
When a mysterious wolf, suddenly saves Niklaus and his daughter Klaus can't help but feel indebted to the wolf, but also can't help but feel confused. Who was that wolf...
A Trembling Spark || Kol Mikaelson by EspritDeCorps
A Trembling Spark || Kol Mikaelsonby EspritDeCorps
Who would of ever thought that Klaus Mikaelson was capable of friendship? Unlikely. And with a Salvatore? Even more unlikely. But as it seems he just couldn't help...
Destruction // Kol Mikealson  by gabbyxox19
Destruction // Kol Mikealson by Newt_leighx
D I S C O N T I N U E D Alexis Salvatore. Turned 1864. "Her mischievous ways are going to get her into trouble" Kol Mikealson. Turned 1001. "The wildest o...
"What can we do for you, Mikaelsons?" "Well, it has come to our attention that a certain blonde-haired, green eyed Forbes is being kept in the basement...
The Youngest Mikealson by Writing_anonymous01
The Youngest Mikealsonby Anonymous Writer
Brianna Michelson is the Youngest of all the Michelson siblings. She has five older brothers and one older sister. She got a trait for each of them she got Henrik's kind...
A Well-Hidden Secret by abbiecook_
A Well-Hidden Secretby Abbie
(previously "The Youngest Mikaelson") Cora Mikaelson. A name only a few people have heard of. She's the Mikaelson's best kept secret, no-one knows where she wa...
From a Cullen to a Mikaelson *Klaus LS* (Twilight x TVD ) by Alboe_Kay
From a Cullen to a Mikaelson *Klau...by Whyworry01
Skyler Cullen is Renesmee's twin. The forgotten one. When the Volturi comes after the Cullen's Carlisle calls an old friend to come help. The Mikaelson's. When they do K...
Little Darling (Kol Mikaelson) [1] (completed) by Rose_Rose201
Little Darling (Kol Mikaelson) [1]...by Olivia Rose Wall
In which Elena's sister comes back to hell.... aka mystic falls and falls for the devils little brother. I was walking along the busy streets of new York when my phone...
Little Mikaelson [TVD] by charlottemikaelsonxo
Little Mikaelson [TVD]by <3
The Mikaelson's lost a little sister one thousand years ago. Only 10 years old. How will her siblings react to her finally being found?
Mistakenly Mine by KejsiK11
Mistakenly Mineby StoryTeller
Skyler is a 7 year old girl who is raised by her uncles after her mother died giving birth to her. Her father doesn't even know that she exists. Her mother didn't tell h...