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Chat Noir X Adrien  by MagentaLotus
Chat Noir X Adrien by cilantro
Basically Adrien on shrooms.
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Mr love; Queens choice Preferences by LemonAppleJuice
Mr love; Queens choice Preferencesby LemonAppleJuice
A collection of Mr love; Queens choice preferences! Enjoy!
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Liaison and Love: Compilation by xstellaris_
Liaison and Love: Compilationby χѕтєℓℓαяιѕ_
Do I really have to say this? Nevermind, this a one shot compilation of my otp that will last an eternity, GusLey!
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Lukanette Month 2019 by BananaAppleWaffle
Lukanette Month 2019by BananaAppleWaffle
Lukanette Month 2019 featuring my own ML AU: The Miraculous Fallout
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Text | Mark Lee ✔ by shininq_stxrs
Text | Mark Lee ✔by stan verivery
In which a guy named Mark Lee starts texting you to make you smile. Cute, right?
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Won't Tell a Soul by probablythelastpilot
Won't Tell a Soulby Thelastpilot
Nino runs head long into the biggest and most dangerous secret he can imagine, but now that he knows the truth about Marinette he had to do everything he can to help.
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Heartbroken Hero by ladynoirshipper
Heartbroken Heroby Miraculous Ladybug
Marinette Dupain-Cheng is happier than ever... Her partner Chat Noir is no longer attracted to her due to the fact that he now has a girlfriend. Free of guilt, Marinette...
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Secret Santa by probablythelastpilot
Secret Santaby Thelastpilot
Marinette and Adrien are paired for their class Secret Santa exchange, but the simple gifts set in motion something much larger and more complete than either of them alo...
Weakness by xstellaris_
Weaknessby χѕтєℓℓαяιѕ_
gusion x lesley.
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'Sinful Chat' Book 2 by Authorchan_
'Sinful Chat' Book 2by ahegaOWO
The sequel of Naughty Chat. After the hardships of getting together and keeping friends, (Y/n) and Adrien think it's finally over with the exception of saving victims o...
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MLBB Oneshots- Time With You (Requests Are Open) by trishakeithpantua
MLBB Oneshots- Time With You ( Kawaii Potato
Character x reader Character x OC Character x Character Requests are open
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Bride of the Demon Hunter (Alucard x Miya) Mlbb by ZyannSg32
Bride of the Demon Hunter ( Binibining Yannelle.
I never expected you to come in my life. -Miya I somehow think that i'm uncapable of loving -Alucard. You just blind by pain, that's why you think of that. -Miya Nah...
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Saved By The Black Cat by cupcakequeen6400
Saved By The Black Catby 🌹✨Itzme_mari✨🌹
Marinette is endlessly bullied by Chloe. But then, she starts sending threatening texts and torturing Marinette. Slowly, the whole school joins in the bullying, includin...
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Another secret by Smiley_Noir
Another secretby multifangirl
marinette smith(code name) has 3 major secrets what happens when one call adds another secret 1. she is paris super heroin ladybug secret 2. chat noir visits her in her...
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Miraculous Adventure - a Miraculous Ladybug fanfic by Chimpukampu
Miraculous Adventure - a Chimpukampu
Everyone's excited about the school's field trip, however, the Akuma attack left Marinette and Adrien miss the ride. Worse, their things were there, their parents though...
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Transmigration...Okay. by daridaridae
#16 Darierene
Mae Anchester died. [...54%....78%....100%!] [Hello, Host! I'm System 7075!] Mae frowned. Host? System? What's going on? [Welcome to Transfer Transmigration(TT)!!! Ho...
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Everyone Loves Marinette by karin-ochibi-chan
Everyone Loves Marinetteby karin-ochibi-chan
In which Marinette is oblivious and everyone can't resist her charms
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K•A•K•A•O (2nd Art Book) by Pazlium
K•A•K•A•O (2nd Art Book)by dumb babey
Mamma Mia,,, Here I go again
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Miraculous At Hogwarts (Hogwarts AU Part One) by Miraculous_Wanderer
Miraculous At Hogwarts (Hogwarts Jasmine
Marinette Dupain-Cheng, a pure-blood wizard gets accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is placed in Slytherin by the Sorting Hat. Adrien Agreste wh...
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