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Since When Were You The Villain? by AslanAgrigche
Since When Were You The Villain?by Aslan Agriche
Alternative: 대체 언제부터 흑막이셨어요 Author: Ecriture,에크리튀르 Artist(s): Doomie,두미 She was possessed by a book without knowing what novel it was. Then, one day, her fiance appeare...
Class trip (BSD X MHA) by Kenmasyellowhairdye
Class trip (BSD X MHA)by soukokuaddict
what happens when class 1-A gets the opportunity to go to Yokohama for their winter vacation, which is infamous for the multiple deaths of pro heroes? With a lot of hesi...
Let's Marry Whom My Sister Loves the Most by veraeh
Let's Marry Whom My Sister Loves ベラレディ
I witnessed my husband's affair with my younger step-sister on our one-year anniversary. I started to drink alcohol as I sulked because of what I've witnessed, only to f...
Blackened boss is poisonous [Quick travel] by Little_Spade
Blackened boss is poisonous [ Hera Ford
Author:半妖的风情 After Xu Fuhuan died, he was bound by the system to enter other worlds to eliminate the blackening value of the blackened villains. Facing all kinds of blac...
Jien Of Grid (M-preg) by Tatisvibe
Jien Of Grid (M-preg)by Taffes Gomez
"Jien." - Grid "Po." - Jien "You're my angel, baby." - Grid "You're my lord, then." - Jien 04, 25, 22
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The Villainess Doesn't Care by anathaliamaam
The Villainess Doesn't Careby kirari runa
In my life it was always, "You're the older sister be more mature." or, "Your sister is sick, you have to take care of her!" When it was my graduati...
Sadistic and Erotic Fantasy by LazyAuthor7
Sadistic and Erotic Fantasyby LazyBones7
Even a cannibal with an ugly appearance can marry a beautiful wife. All series of sadistic and Erotic fairytales is inside this book. warning! if you will hate me for...
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The Tired Villainess by Potatophobia
The Tired Villainessby Potatophobia
Lihua was an accomplished woman who lived a lonely life. Everyone thought that she had a loving family and was jealous of her. No one saw how she was treated like air in...
LK | The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife by Rosabella365
LK | The King of Hell's Genius Nitwit!Blubber!Oddment!Tweak!
This is not my own story.. However, it is one of my favourite novels and I thought of sharing it in the form of an LK adaptation. Neither the story nor the picture...
{MTL} Cannon fodder Omega just wants to wait for the offline by BL-U_U-SEEK
{MTL} Cannon fodder Omega just pearlSM........yaoi
Dai Ke has transmigrated into a book, dressed as a cannon fodder male supporting role, and works as a little assistant beside the big villain. He just needs to keep his...
Miraculous Salt by _Marionette_Puppet
Miraculous Saltby Goin Ghost
Bunch of salt one-shots for miraculous ladybug Includes: Lila Salt, Alya Salt, Class Salt, Chloe Salt, Bustier Salt
The National Girl is Three and a Half Years Old   by ninjanovel
The National Girl is Three and a Thunder Smith
The Anime Cover is not mine, I just find it in google. Credits to the owner. MTL NOVEL Details Short Title:NGTHYO Alternate Title:国民闺女三岁半 Status [Edit]:Completed Author:...
Reborn as Omega by BPinurami
Reborn as Omegaby °•Carr_.ff.•°
Ji Jingcheng was born again. He returned to when he was sixteen years old, and he was still the little master who was pampered by his family. The home is not broken, his...
Breaking Free (VeeWise) by chenfillyssa_03
Breaking Free (VeeWise)by RaiiSu
It's Boys Love. A fanfic story about VeeWise. Di ko gagamitin real names nila pero gagamitin ko yung vee-wise. Yung ibang scenarios are based on my imagination. Yung iba...
Just A Dream... C.L x M.V by verstappen_sl4t
Just A Dream... C.L x M.Vby ᵐᵃˣ ᵛᵉʳˢᵗᵃᵖᵖᵉⁿ
To be honest I have no idea where this book is going to end and all, I had a while plan for this book but I never really stick to plans so I guess we'll have to wait and...
The White Moonlight is Back by Sarahgaoo
The White Moonlight is Backby Lazy 土豆
(For offline purposes) *Not my story Original title: 白月光回来了 On that day, Chen Ruosu was suddenly told that her name was not Chen Ruosu, but Lin Qingmiao. She was not 23...
mlbb scenarios / oneshot ff by viermonx
mlbb scenarios / oneshot ffby 𖥨 › ⤛𝘬𝘦𝘪𝘪⤜ ๋ ֢ ִֶָ֪֢ ໑
A collection of MLBB oneshots. male! mlbb x fem! OC / reader Published : 7 September 2022 Still on going! Edit : There are some changes I have made, which is that there...
Everyone loves the villain?  by Snek_Daishou06
Everyone loves the villain? by Snek_Daishou06
A harem story When the biggest serial killer on earth dies and gets transmigrated into a fantasy novel as the crown prince and older brother of the ML. (For those artis...
Reincarnated as a crossdressing villain!?!?!? by StarLight_084
Reincarnated as a crossdressing Marie Isabel Cabañez
I was just a normal boy named liam Lesley a normal life as I was late going to school because I slept late because of reading a webtoon that I just finished as I ran out...
Miraculous Adventure - a Miraculous Ladybug fanfic by Chimpukampu
Miraculous Adventure - a Chimpukampu
Everyone's excited about the school's field trip, however, the Akuma attack left Marinette and Adrien miss the ride. Worse, their things were there, their parents though...