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Kahit Kunwari(Jedean Gawong) by jemawong03
Kahit Kunwari(Jedean Gawong)by deanna wong
Syempre tungkol ito sa Jedean Gawong. Fanfiction lg tuh guys ! Hahhahahahah pero for real tayo guys ! Hindi uso yung hopya². Ahaaaahahaa.. Just love💕💗
  • gawongshippers
  • gawong
  • jedean
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Instagram - jedean au by unexpectedt
Instagram - jedean auby unexpectedt
scroll, scroll, double tap, scroll liked by @deannawongst and 513 others @deannawongst started following you started: 06/16/18 ended: DISCLAIMER: Photos, videos or any...
  • galanza
  • wattys2018
  • alyden
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Alex Rider pays a visit to Brecon Beacons... by Teddybearcrazy
Alex Rider pays a visit to Brecon...by RainbowFire
Alex rider is twenty, and is permanently training with the SAS as a Sniper in between missions. Alex was pulled out of high school a couple of years ago and has been tra...
  • alexrider
  • breconbeacons
  • cub
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Falling For A Superhero (Hawkeye and Serenity Book 1) by TokkiDokkiPhel4
Falling For A Superhero (Hawkeye a...by Phelene/RobinaThickette
All Serenity knew was this: one there were strange aliens falling from the sky in New York City and attacking her and her friends (they just went to go look around!), pe...
  • doctor
  • eye
  • hawkeye
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The Great Cat's Daughter - (Narnia: Prince Caspian/OC) by WaterFire22
The Great Cat's Daughter - (Narnia...by WaterFire22
Before the Great Battle of Narnia, Aurora's fate is laid out in front of her by her father, Aslan. She is to be the protector of the coming kings and queens of Adam and...
  • edmund
  • lucy
  • battle
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// one shots // ft. jedean by unexpectedt
// one shots // ft. jedeanby unexpectedt
// "shot?" ang tanong "jedean." ang sagot // walwal tayo ng jedean started: 05/02/18 ended: probably never since it's a one-shots book DISCLAIMER: So...
  • jedean
  • deannawong
  • wong
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The Powershifter by SM_Gettys
The Powershifterby Sam The Shapeshifter
(Author's Note:) I could not decide what I should say about this book. If you like any type of shapeshifter then you will most likely enjoy this book. [Read tags to get...
  • tigershifter
  • powershifter
  • shapeshift
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Senior Year, Blaze X Dottie by LifeAndDeath9
Senior Year, Blaze X Dottieby anxietyspacetart<3
This is Book 2. Of the "My Bully" Book! Join Dottie and her friends at There last year Of high school! Top Tags: aphmaustory: 1st; October 6th 2018 Blottie: 2n...
  • palet
  • reallyreallycheesy
  • tora
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🌟𝒴𝒿ℯ𝓉 𝓈𝒽𝓆𝒾𝓅ℯ🌟 by canavar_-
🌟𝒴𝒿ℯ𝓉 𝓈𝒽𝓆𝒾𝓅ℯ🌟by 𝓤`
#ⁱᶜᵒⁿ ᵇᵘˡᵃᵇⁱˡⁱʳˢⁱⁿⁱᶻ #ɢᵃʳᵃ ᵐᵉˢ ʸʲᵉᵛᵉ
  • eagle
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  • photography
Alex Rider - Back with the SAS by Xander2100
Alex Rider - Back with the SASby Xander2100
After Jack's death, Alex is sent back to BB, and is put with the famous K-Unit again. What will happen? What if a new teen is thrown in the mix?
  • rider
  • eagle
  • ben
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The black angel (J.Jk) by Itzel_is_a_pretzel
The black angel (J.Jk)by spongebob squarepants
666 is the devils number. But what if the devil didn't answer but the black angel did? Lilith shadow the devil that lives upon angels. Lilith grew up in the angel realm...
  • demon
  • eagle
  • fantsy
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Choosing Is Difficult (Hawkeye and Serenity Book 2) by TokkiDokkiPhel4
Choosing Is Difficult (Hawkeye and...by Phelene/RobinaThickette
Sequel to Falling For A Superhero. Serenity feels that she is in the right place. She's got Hawkeye, a cute superhero boyfriend and is now part of the Avengers, the migh...
  • green
  • nigma
  • arrow
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Dating The Bad Boy by UnKn0wN78
Dating The Bad Boyby cassandra
Wisconsin was an unusual name. It was for a state, not a girl. She stood out. Like a sore thumb. The shortest girl in the grade. And she was popular in a way. For her na...
  • beverlyhigh
  • romance
  • badboy
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The Eagle's Tale by Naturelover0301
The Eagle's Taleby Naturelover0301
Have you ever considered coming from a village where an annual ceremony of offering a young girl as a wife to the local river god was deemed to be normal? Emersyn Mckenn...
  • magic
  • eagle
  • wolves
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Muggles & Spark Plugs - Arthur Weasley  by PieceOfWildflowers
Muggles & Spark Plugs - Arthur Wea...by Sky Child
It is quite well known that Arthur Weasley is rather fond of Muggles. From having a collection of spark plugs to wondering what a rubber duck's function is, his curiosit...
  • fredweasley
  • book1
  • muggle
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☆Billy the Eagle☆ by nicominott123
☆Billy the Eagle☆by Nico Minott
After being involved in a deadly accident, the life of Billy Johnston quickly turned tragic. Now a dead-beat reporter, Billy is determined to catch an infamous vigilante...
  • lonely
  • hero
  • vigilante
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Sordid Pet by goodfellalove
Sordid Petby Gabriela
There are rumors spreading around of a female shifter roaming the lands as a lone wolf. The problem is she isn’t just a wolf. She is seen as an eagle, a wolf, and anothe...
  • werewolves
  • alpha
  • lawson
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Miraculous Ladybug Marinette x Adrien by MariChatKKE
Miraculous Ladybug Marinette x Adr...by LadyKam
Sooner or later Marinnette will figure out that Adrien is Chat Noir and they both will fall in love and will also have two new members
  • adriennette
  • tiger
  • dove
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Sky and the Heroes by Tiny_Dragonz
Sky and the Heroesby Tiny_Dragonz
"Hello, Riverside. For those of you who are new, My name is Fern Adams. I am a news reporter here in our small town of Riverside. I have been a news reporter since...
  • werewolf
  • heroes
  • mystery
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Fly With Your Heart by Thunderclanwarrior12
Fly With Your Heartby Jayfeather
Kîsik has always regretted flying before she was ready, however the second her talons left the ground, she was lost. Lost to her family, lost to her home, lost to the wo...
  • eagle
  • animal
  • nature
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