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Mi Amor (Juicy x reader) by thatoneguy052
Mi Amor (Juicy x reader)by thatoneguy052
Y/n is Eddies half sister who is currently living with him and Gabbie because of an incident that happened, one day while Eddie was filming with Narrator someone else ca...
Finding Home (The Boys X Female Reader + Narrator Father Figure) by TheLostWr1t3r
Finding Home (The Boys X Female TheLostWr1t3r
You've had enough of your toxic blood relatives and your past, so you run away from home. You end up at a Wal-Mart where you encounter someone you know from before. Fear...
YepTheBoys Smut by Wannab3Storyteller
YepTheBoys Smutby Basic Bitch
Can't get anymore more specific than the title guys. Members of the yep the boys x oc smut
Juicy X reader (Fem) + smut by cloudyEuphoria-
Juicy X reader (Fem) + smutby ❤️‍🩹
Well Hello- I can't believe I am actually gonna write one of these- This is a Juicy x reader fanfic so please enjoy ❤️ WARNING ⚠️ Contains; >smut >swearing >Ki...
One of the boys by jorbend
One of the boysby jorbend
Mully's sister Y/N moves in with the boys and it becomes a wild ride. Relationships and friendships grow all around and lots my memories are made. Come along as Y/N fin...
Our Future Together  (gaege gibson x reader complete) by ktavss
Our Future Together (gaege ktavs
this story contains -SWEARING -NO SMUT -SHE/HER PRONOUNS IF YOU WANNA CHANGE IT YOU CAN :) (this is my first story so sorry if it sucks) (THIS IS LITTERALLY THE MOST CR...
the boys As parents X gn reader by shortest_king
the boys As parents X gn readerby gaege barnes
The boys as dads not much I can say somewhat a oneshots and scenarios book, I'm a slow writer with little motivation Does anyone actually read these?
The day I met you   (Juicy X Female Reader Fanfic) by The_towns_simp
The day I met you (Juicy X The_towns_simp
Y/n is a girl in her 20's, she lives in Arizona. Well that was until one night her dad came home super drunk and abused her. Most of her was used to it but the other par...
Keep My mind running (EddieVr X Reader) by AshGaming3609
Keep My mind running (EddieVr X AshGaming3609
Your going on about your youtubing life and you come across the boys playing VrChat Will you find someone that will truly love you or will you stay single like a pringle...
Enemies to Lovers by Alannahhampso
Enemies to Loversby Baby Dubs
Josh is an 18 year old at high school and is constantly bullied by this one kid that goes by the name of Mully. One day Josh starts crushing on Mully even though he deni...
The Boys Preferences, Imagines///Book 2 by Emo_Dino_nugget
The Boys Preferences, Imagines/// Izzy
Book 2 of my The Boys Preferences, Imagines Book! I hit the max limit of chapters so... yeah lmao Contains: Reekid MullyVr/sleepy mully Joshdub/dub daddy JuicyFruitSnack...
Always and Forever (An Eddie x Juicy Fanfic) by gale_simpss
Always and Forever (An Eddie x Gale
Eddie and Juicy used to be childhood friends. Although it's pretty obvious that they aren't anymore. After a misunderstanding between the two, they hate each other. But...
A trip to Florida (Gaege x Reader fanfic) by MiniJuicy
A trip to Florida (Gaege x Mini._.Juicy
Gaege x Reader Fanfic you take a trip to Florida and end up meeting Gaege Gibson, one of your favorite youtubers and a member of the boys. ‼️ANY DRAWN COVERS OF THIS F...
The Music Of My Love (Juicy x Fem!Reader) by carniva1
The Music Of My Love (Juicy x carniva1
In which the youtuber, JuicyFruitSnacks is introduced to his best friends sister. As soon as they meet they feel a connection. But will Juicy be able to confess his feel...
Mully x Josh (Lovestory) ✓ by Calista27062004
Mully x Josh (Lovestory) ✓by Calista27062004
Since the boys wanted more wholesome storys... here is mine of Josh and Mully. Prologue: Josh and Mully feel different about each other after the second fanfic video an...
Bruised Beauty by exposerosee
Bruised Beautyby 𝚘 𝚕 𝚒 𝚟 𝚒 𝚊™️
Alyssa Reese is an 18 year old popular youtuber with over 3 million supporters, during her time of being a gamer, shes met many other creators, one of them being joshdub...
Whatever You Want (Dom & Sub) by EddieVR4ever
Whatever You Want (Dom & Sub)by EddieVR4ever
*COMPLETED* Eddie is a dom and Gaege is a sub. They've been friends for most of their lives. Read more to find out!!
A Fucked Up Romance (Theboys Fanfic) by gale_simpss
A Fucked Up Romance (Theboys Gale
The title explains it all. Literally the boys hooking up with each other and causing drama. What happens when the boys start developing feelings for one another? They h...
We're just friends by Wannab3Storyteller
We're just friendsby Basic Bitch
A small stream fall for a big youtuber but they're just friends guys...?