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Union Academy, A Good One!? by Sora2211
Union Academy, A Good One!?by Sora Hikaru
Do my eyes desive me!? There's an actual GOOD Union Academy, here in this good forsaken Multiverse!? I need to check this out!
The Family Curse (Cursed Wanderers Series: Book 1) by DarknessAndLight
The Family Curse (Cursed Wanderers...by Karianne
Beautiful cover made by the very awesome ssaayyjj "At first glance, I really did wonder why the old lady had seemed so adamantly opposed to this town because it did...
My Beautiful One (Jonathan Morgenstern Fanfic) by initialfindings
My Beautiful One (Jonathan Morgens...by 참
Jonathan Morgenstern never got the chance to live. Not when he had demon blood burning in his veins. He died in his mother's arm and yet somehow, he found that he didn't...
In Between the Wars (A Backrooms fanfic) by NMBR1POOBFAN
In Between the Wars (A Backrooms f...by lucid
Co-edited by @DaydreamEnjoyer Cider isn't a careless frowner. They couldn't call themself careful either. Cider KNEW they shouldn't have taken that risk, straying too fa...
Freedom by KelseyKatz16
Freedomby Kel
From a young age we were always told to never go outside, that our community would always protect us, until we turned 16. This story is about a sixteen year old boy and...
Word of Honor quotes (Faraway Wanderers)  by FightersWriters
Word of Honor quotes (Faraway Wand...by Fighterswriters
Word of Honor quotes. Happy, romantic, funny, angsty, you name it, I make it!! All quotes written by me, inspired by the story. If you guys need any customized quotes...
නිදැල්ලේ මං සරණ්නෝ | Faraway Wanderers by paladin_ivy
නිදැල්ලේ මං සරණ්නෝ | Faraway Wande...by Paladin :)
මුල් නවකතාවේ නම - Tian Ya Ke කතෘ - priest පළමු පළ කිරීම - JJWXC Web Novel Site ඉංග්‍රීසි පරිවර්තනය - Faraway Wanderers සජීවී රූපවාහිනී කතාමාලාව - word of honor සාරාංශය...
W A N D E R E S S  ||  Justin Bieber. [ON HOLD] by sahramahtab
W A N D E R E S S || Justin Bieb...by Sahra Mahtâb
wanderess // noun; A female wanderer, seeking adventure, new places and things. She has an irresistibly strong desire to travel, and she is a free spirit. Having sex wit...
The Hurricane by joannafleur
The Hurricaneby Luna, Joanna
hurricane (ˈhʌrɪkən; -keɪn) 1. a severe, often destructive storm 2. the girl who lives by a california beach, dangles her legs over rooftop edges and as a...
The Night Wanderers by BlazeEyes
The Night Wanderersby Fearn
The city of Merifry is under oppression. The government has forbidden anyone to stray outside at night, with the punishment of immediate death. The Night Wanderers are a...
The Pirates of Hell by Vaaman7Srivastava7
The Pirates of Hellby Vaaman7Srivastava7
This story is about a young pirate, who found the some traces about the legendary pirate, Captain John Hell. Where he describes about the treasure of the Islands of Hell...
From Me To You by liarsdiaries
From Me To Youby liarsdiaries
A collection of thoughts, of encouragement, of random outbursts, of inspiring messages. Delivered straight through your phone screens, from me, to you.
Standing Below Sea Level (COMPLETED) by KatouMiwa
Standing Below Sea Level (COMPLETE...by Sehasasherala
First story. Please bear with me. -+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- Crystal Reiter is one of 1000 people around the world that have raylux (or magic) in them. Each perso...
Wandering the World by HyuIchiryuuNagami
Wandering the Worldby HyuIchiryuuNagami
Konrad Konstantinovich Ahmadeev went out to see the world together with the Absolute Astucity Company, and return Faustland to the global trade arena. Will he make new f...
Earth Wanderers by killer_romance101
Earth Wanderersby Hello
We are the people who take them "too early". We take them on a trip down to hell to determine their eternal fate. They can either be an earth wanderer or they...