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Clace randomness by BatmanEatsPizza
Clace randomnessby BatmanEatsPizza
***CURRENTLY ON HIATUS*** This is a series of one-shots about the TMI characters. (Although, the characters from TID and TDA might make a few cameo appearances.) These o...
Clace Through the Years by Lidi999
Clace Through the Yearsby Lidi999
One shots at different points of Clary Fray's life set after City of Heavenly Fire. Featuring weddings, children, and cute fluffy moments.
Dead To Me by holding_on_to_hope
Dead To Meby holding_on_to_hope
It's been over six years since she last saw him. Clary's heart was broken by Jace shattered into a billion pieces when she found him cheating on her. And not in that was...
Summer Fling (COMPLETE) by BellaSH13
Summer Fling (COMPLETE)by BellaSH
DISCLAIMER: I OWN NONE OF THE CHARACTERS! They all belong to Cassandra Clare Jace Is forced to go to one of his dads many Vacation houses. His dad's four season ranch. I...
TMI Through The Years (on hold) by authortaylahmcgregor
TMI Through The Years (on hold)by Taylah McGregor
This is just a happy Clace fanfic that is set seven years after City Of Heavenly Fire
Red: A Clace Fanfic by choco1ate
Red: A Clace Fanficby choco1ate
What would happen if Jace proposed to Clary? What if Clary showed Jace Star Wars? Of course, she can't help but take Jace to feed the ducks in Hyde park. Full of fluff a...
Freya Blossom  by Jess_6823
Freya Blossom by Jess_6823
IN A REALITY WHERE JACE DOES NOT CHOOSE CLARY Freya Blossom. Clary, Simon and Freya, have been friends for as long as anyone of them could remember. They were the troub...
Almost by Minnie134
Almostby Minnie134
"No, we didn't date. Technically, he wasn't an ex-boyfriend. But he was an ex-something, an ex-maybe. An ex-almost."
The boy with the golden eyes by Weekend_Hoe
The boy with the golden eyesby Sunnie <3
In this book clary has always been a shadowhunter but lived in Idris with her mum. shes never met anyone from New York but has heard of the legendary Jace Herondale. whe...
NeRds University(Sequel to NeRds) (Completed) by BellaSH13
NeRds University(Sequel to NeRds) BellaSH
THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO NERDS!!!!! You seriously thought i would end NeRds just like that? HAH! no! the torcher and Feels continue in NERDS UNIVERSITY DISCLAIMER: I STILL...
Jace and Clary- Their Future by claryandjaceforever
Jace and Clary- Their Futureby redredred
They had been through everything together, and they loved each other through it all. They never gave up. After Clary and Jace saw how happy Clary's mother and father-fig...
Coming back by Chloesinn144320
Coming backby Chloe Sin
Everyone was in a peaceful time until Clary caught Jace cheating on her. She packed her thing and left that night. But was that the only reason she left?
Shadowhunters: Clace Fluff by The_Author_Herself
Shadowhunters: Clace Fluffby Shai Forte
Just a lot of fluff, I'm sorry, but I love Clary and Jace, they are the cutest!! This includes Alec and Magnus, Simon and Izzy, with Maia and Bat. This is set a month af...
Clace one-shots by darklover19
Clace one-shotsby darklover19
Clace stories with hints of Malec, Rizzy, Sizzy, Clizzy, etc. ENJOY!!! 💕💕 New stories every day!!! Thanks Lovelies!💕💕
Not By Blood - THE REWRITE by Booklivesmatter
Not By Blood - THE REWRITEby Booklivesmatter
Family isn't just blood. It can be found in the most unexpected places, and even at the most inconvenient times. What really defines a family if not love? How could blo...
Imprinted Memories  by MagdaFromHell
Imprinted Memories by MagdaFromHell
For a year Clary Fray had felt something was missing from her life. She felt the weight of memories and stories which were locked away from her. Until that one night she...
City of Deadly Sins by faultindivergents
City of Deadly Sinsby faultindivergents
What if Clary was raised by Valentine? Clarissa Morgenstern lost her mother after she was born. She lived in an abandoned cottage in Berlin, Germany with her father and...
Raziel High (A Shadowhunters FanFic) by UnicornReader131
Raziel High (A Shadowhunters MLK
DISCLAIMER: I have based the characters of those from the TV series, but have also adapted the characters personalities to I think they would be like in this situation...
A Clace Classic by hazeloceans
A Clace Classicby hazeloceans
This starts five years after Clary and Jace had their daughter, Callie Grace, who persists at being called Callie. Their perfect family was safe and comforted in their...
Downworlder Killer by sarcasticsmiles_
Downworlder Killerby 404_notfound
*CompletedThree years after CoHF, Clary and Jace have broken up due to Clary catching Jace kissing a girl. Clary has had nothing to do with him since the day she left hi...