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JAMES POTTER, what have you done?! by Winterqueen24Scar
JAMES POTTER, what have you done?!by Winterqueen24Scar
"Who goes there?!" Shouted Remus Lupin a few minutes after an order meeting. They had heard a strange sound and muffled voices. He was closely followed by Siri...
Sofia The First: Hugfia || Betrothed by midheavenn_
Sofia The First: Hugfia || midheavenn_
|| Completed || "I'm glad it was you." "Hm?" I asked. "I'm glad it was you I got betrothed to." He turned to me. "Why?" I looked...
A Family Apart by GreekMythology17
A Family Apartby GreekMythology17
Emma and Louis looked at their mother who was crying. "I hate you," she screamed at her soon-to-be ex-husband as she threw down bags of clothes down the stairs...
We're From The Future by EveryKarmaLegend
We're From The Futureby Clever Karma
(Completed) Marinette was having a normal day. Saving the day, foaming at the mouth from Adrien, ignoring Chat, that sort of thing. Until she was walking in the park, wh...
The Barricade Girl (A Les Miserables FanFiction) by the_daydreamer
The Barricade Girl (A Les the_daydreamer
Juliette Pontmercy and her older brother, Marius, have always been close - they had no secrets...or at least that's what she thought. When he suddenly becomes distant...
•Ʋσℓνєя α cяєєя• by SaraZai9
•Ʋσℓνєя α cяєєя•by SaraZai9
Una nueva ciudad, Reencuentros inesperados, Música,sexo,desenfreno Celos,venganza,pero sobretodo mucho amor
Dream Daddy Father Scenarios by greenvains
Dream Daddy Father Scenariosby Slushie
What if the characters from Dream Daddy was your parents???? Find out now!!!
Sofia has a crush on Hugo since RPA. Now they have graduated from RPA 3 years now. Both of them had feelings towards each other. But then 1 or maybe 2 people will come a...
Lily Luna Potters instagram  by shaynalovesdogs
Lily Luna Potters instagram by shaynalovesdogs
Harry potters daughters have Instagram with their friends
Harry Potter next gen time travel incident  by NickyBluue
Harry Potter next gen time NickyBluue
What happened when James Sirius Potter gets into a lot of trouble with his cousins and what happens when they travel in time Disclaimer I do not own Harry Potter or any...
50 Reasons Why I'm NOT GAY ||| VARIGO by moonshadowwolf17
50 Reasons Why I'm NOT GAY ||| 𝕸𝕺𝕺𝕹𝖄
Dear journal, You're probably wondering why I'm keeping and making you, pouring my personal life into something that could be easily read instead of containing it in my...
This Is Our Time by EveryKarmaLegend
This Is Our Timeby Clever Karma
Sequel To We're From The Future. (Completed) Hugo, Emma, and Louise know their parents and their friends were the legendary saviors of Paris. Hugo just turned 16, Emma 1...
I Blame James [Abandoned] by BrokenTimeTurner
I Blame James [Abandoned]by ✦ never updating ✦
**Written before Cursed Child** It was all his fault. James Sirius Potter. He just had to break the time turner. If it wasn't for him, none of it would of happened. But...
Sofia The First : Is the Time Right? by Xelia_Layr
Sofia The First : Is the Time Xelia_Layr
Sofia just turned 18, which is the right age to choose a suitor. Hugo, Sofia's best friend isn't actually in favor of this. What does a prince have to do?
Harry Potter Headcannons by TheRandomDemiWitch
Harry Potter Headcannonsby TheRandomDemiWitch
These are just some Harry Potter headcannons that I found on Pinterest and Tumblr that I wanted to share with you. ALL CREDIT GOES THE THE ORIGIAL AUTHORS!!!
Sofia The First: Winter Love by -theasdfghjkl
Sofia The First: Winter Loveby = Alli Cruz =
ok this is my very first otp ok, so sorry if i wierded you guys out because of my craziness. Oh and btw this book maybe very different from the real sofia the 1st and hu...
Sofia the First: Marriage in Enchancia by Nighlocktheawesome
Sofia the First: Marriage in Anthony Tavary
Many years have passed since Vor's defeat. Everyone has grown up. James is a knight, Amber is the queen of Desmond's kingdom, and even Ivy appears to have attracted the...
Lover Girl -Felinette- by Wendol123
Lover Girl -Felinette-by Wendy
This story is just for fun. There was a girl known as lover girl. She was the schools biggest flirt. Boys would always come up to her and see if they could go on a date...
The Moon Calls by coolreadervarian
The Moon Callsby celestein
After escaping Gothel's clutches, Varian and Rapunzel adjust to life outside the walls of their tower. Unfortunately, the nightmare is far from over, and Destiny has som...