Bang Dream x Reader X Love Live (ONESHOTS)!  by HikariTheLonelyOtaku
Bang Dream x Reader X Love Live (O...by ʜɪᴋᴀʀɪ-sᴀᴍᴀ
A oneshot book featuring the five main bands of bangdream, & the three maijor idol groups of love live! Poppi'n Party Roselia AfterGlow Hello! Happy World Pastel*Palette...
  • kasumi
  • maya
  • sayo
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In CiRCLEs - (Reader × BanG Dream) by SeenDaBean
In CiRCLEs - (Reader × BanG Dream)by ѕeeɴpαι
(Y/N) moves into a new city, to get a fresh start from his boring, old life and finds himself working at a Live House called CiRCLE. On his journey, he meets new friends...
  • xreader
  • hina
  • pastelpalettes
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အကို ... (Completed ) by Zam_ZA
အကို ... (Completed )by Zam
ခ်စ္သမွ် အေၾကာင္း အကုန္ပါ ......
  • potery
  • letter
  • ako
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Aikatsu Stars! Another Story: Subaru Yuki x Kanade Tanaka by animeotakulight
Aikatsu Stars! Another Story: Suba...by AnimeOtaku
When Kanade Tanaka, childhood friend of Yume Nijino and Koharu Nanakura, moves back to japan from abroad, she pursues her passion for singing and strives to become top i...
  • nijinoyume
  • ako
  • idols
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Another Chapter...(An Aikatsu stars fan fiction!) by JayceePhoenix
Another Chapter...(An Aikatsu star...by Jaycee
The girls namely Yume, Koharu, Laura, Ako and Mahiru already found what's the meaning of love. Well, except for Mahiru who's more determined in her Aikatsu. M4, the boy...
  • lauraxnozomu
  • romance
  • koharu
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Aikatsu Star Tình bạn là vĩnh viễn by fairytailmylove2001
Aikatsu Star Tình bạn là vĩnh viễnby Beelzebub IV
Dựa theo ss2 của Aikatsu Star,Yume Nijino là idol hoàn hảo trên thế giới và gia nhập học viện Four Star vì co thấy hứng thú với S4.Nếu là Eleza trong ss2 là idol hoàn hả...
  • laura
  • ako
  • s4
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Not Just A Dream! (An Aikatsu stars fan fiction!) {Editing} by JayceePhoenix
Not Just A Dream! (An Aikatsu star...by Jaycee
Nijino Yume. A girl who doesn't remember anything from her childhood. Until one night, she dreams about it. A guy who says that he's her childhood best friend. On the ot...
  • koharuxasahi
  • yumexsubaru
  • yume
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The secret- Subayume- Aikatsu stars- Yubaru by unique_xero
The secret- Subayume- Aikatsu star...by unique_xero
Nijino Yume the currently most popular female idol also in S4. Subaru Yuki currently in the most popular male idol group called M4 Subaru and yume goes to the same scho...
  • ako
  • yume
  • subaru
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Aikatsu stars by jessicaahn64
Aikatsu starsby Jessica Ahn
Hey guys! This is my first story at wattpad so this might be bad. Yume, who is in current S4. Laura gets mad at Yume. Why? Yume have won the final tourment. Will they h...
  • mahiru
  • shipping
  • m4
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My Fake-Boyfriend  by angelsiapno_10
My Fake-Boyfriend by gelicious
pano kung humingi ng tulong ang lalaki mahal mo. Tutulungan mo ba or hindi? Meet Arrianna Solena Smith Maganda,sexy,habulin ng mga lalaki at inlove na inlove Kay Kurt Dy...
  • lahataypeke
  • ıu
  • pagodna
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Sisterly Conflict by Asumiari
Sisterly Conflictby Ame
uh this is angst!!! some vent fics of the hikawa twins and soon tomoe & ako. Aya makes a smol appearance there is no incest no nsfw so yeah if you're looking for that b...
  • hina
  • hikawasayo
  • bandori
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Aikatsu Adventures | An Aikatsu Stars FanFic by PrinceLoveCandy
Aikatsu Adventures | An Aikatsu St...by Leonard Hart
Hello my subjects! When four orphan kids are adopted by a rich man and his sister, they have quite the adventures. || I realized while making Aikatsu Street there was so...
  • princelovecandy
  • subaru
  • stars
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Bang Dream x Reader~ (DISCONTINUED) by HikariTheLonelyOtaku
Bang Dream x Reader~ (DISCONTINUED)by ʜɪᴋᴀʀɪ-sᴀᴍᴀ
well this is gonna be interesting.. and ya'll know I write story's on Wattpad mobile so blame me if I suck ;--; ----Goals---- 6K Reads 20 Followers 250 Votes Edited : ...
  • aya
  • hellohappyworld
  • arisa
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Secret Fairies by LoopyLollyPop19
Secret Fairiesby Lolly~Chan
Yume, Mahiru and Laura have a secret. One they will do anything to keep. Even from their best friends Ako and Koharu. However when four boys show up their little secrets...
  • koharu
  • ariaxnozumu
  • subaru
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BanG Dream (Roselia Text Chat..) by -RanChan
BanG Dream (Roselia Text Chat..)by -RanChan
This isn't going to go to well XD...
  • groupchat
  • sayo
  • yukina
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I Love You ~Oneshots~  An Aikastu Stars Fanfic! by _Em_Rose
I Love You ~Oneshots~ An Aikastu...by Emma
Just a couple of Oneshots from Aikastu Stars. Ships Included: AsahixKoharu, LauraxNozomu, SubaruxYume, AkoxKanata Please enjoy! ❤️ DISCLAIMER: I don't own Aikatsu Stars...
  • ako
  • sliceoflife
  • laura
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Someday (On Going) by mavis_scarlet
Someday (On Going)by Maviang is a Badass Queen
"Why do they call it CRUSH?? -Because that's how you feel when they don't feel the same way in return??" Masakit man per totoo ani nga nila diba? "Truth h...
  • akinkanalang
  • someday
  • teen
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Love or Rivalry by Lalajohns
Love or Rivalryby Essa
After what Subaru said to her yume is conflicted. Is he simply just re-declaring his rivalry or is it something else with a deeper meaning.
  • lauraxnozomu
  • nijinoyume
  • ships
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My New Life As A Manager (Roselia x Male! Reader) by Aminoritoki
My New Life As A Manager (Roselia...by Aminoritoki
This is my 3rd fanfic book i hope you enjoy! :-) Ps: I don't own BanG Dream and any pictures or videos that i use (Y/N) has finally came back from his long journey to ma...
  • lisa
  • roselia
  • bangdream
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5 Years Later....-Aikatsu Star! Fanfiction- by Arisuniji
5 Years Later....-Aikatsu Star! Fa...by Alice Helena Rose
Yume, Koharu, Laura, Mahiru, and Ako left Four Star academy to go to America for 5 years. ------------------------------------------------- "Its been 5 year...
  • laura
  • koharu
  • aikatsu
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