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I earn points in the last days by Thousand_Moon
I earn points in the last daysby Thousand Moon
我在末世赚积分 https://www.69shu.com/txt/9917597.htm https://m.xklxsw.com/book/176480/ Author: Li Xinyu COMPLETE NOT MINE! MACHINE TRANSLATION! The end of the world came sudden...
I will build a city in the last days by Mei-Qin-yi
I will build a city in the last da...by Winter
I will build a city in the last days Author: Shi Yujiu Category: Science Fiction Space 520,000 words | Full text Update: 2022-10-19 Xubai was reborn. Back to ten years a...
Traveling Through Ages : The Apocalyptic Couple Salted Life  by CrossStarLover
Traveling Through Ages : The Apoca...by Akira
Offline purpose only The two thunders sent Jian Qingling and Mu Ziteng to the 1950s and became a famous lazy couple in the village. Disgusted by the villagers, brothers...
Naruto: Wielder of the Omnitrix  by KiritoBinns
Naruto: Wielder of the Omnitrix by 𝓜𝓸𝓵𝓵𝔂 𝓟𝓮𝓻𝓬
Naruto Uzumaki hated by all has come across a rather weird watch with his new alien powers, his ninja skills, and nine tailed fox our hero has to defeat rather weird loo...
My Super Farming System by NovelDragon_Official
My Super Farming Systemby NovelDragon_Official
After finding himself transported into a vastly different existence, a man wakes up not as a mogul or heir, but in a modest mountain life with only a younger sibling and...
In this story, everything is the same as it should be, until events play out differently than they should've... This is a Skibidi Toilet Fan Fiction based on a Fan made...
✓ My water doomsday fortress by koushuu17
✓ My water doomsday fortressby Eijun
Author: Xiaoer who writes books Link ; http://m.biqu520.net/wapbook-196448/ [Doomsday] [Ocean] [Upgrade] [System] [Decisive Killing] [Shuangwen] No space? upgrade! No we...
Bethroned To The Past by coosambi
Bethroned To The Pastby Muinatu Brimah
How did my mom become a cripple? how did she loose her sight? It's all in the past.A past i do not know of ,yet can't run from , the secrets start to unfold once I meet...
RWBY: The Omnitrix Wielder (Author Insert) by Markahomie
RWBY: The Omnitrix Wielder (Author...by Big Raga Op Stoppa
Alex Carabello has no aura, but he can fight. So he relentlessly trained, but in signal that only gets you so far in terms of not being bullied. One day the bullying got...
RWBY and retaliator reader  by larko619
RWBY and retaliator reader by larko619
Y/N L/N was just an ordinary teen on Remnant unti he came across a weird looking cube when he was a 10 year old everything changed after that and he wanted to join beaco...
God Of Cheat by TheWhisperingCat
God Of Cheatby TheWhisperingCat
He's now the king of the world and everything revolves and spins around him. With one finger he holds up a world. With one foot he prevents meteors from hitting the worl...
✓ There is a convenience store in the end of the world by koushuu17
✓ There is a convenience store in...by Eijun
Link; https://www.69xinshu.com/book/9995427/ A strange convenience store appeared on the dilapidated street with cold wind and blood everywhere. The name of the convenie...
Remember Me by the_middle_vibe
Remember Meby Alisha Malek
What happens when cancer and teenage prankster mix...? Read to find out! Samantha Robinson aka Sam is the notorious prankster of Brentford High. But then life finds a wa...
Harry's Extratarrestrial Adventures by jones5435
Harry's Extratarrestrial Adventuresby
Just before Harry goes to Hogwarts, Harry finds a certain Alien device that will change his life forever. What is this Device? How will it affect Harry's journey? Who kn...
Guess the Ben 10 character or alien by lucydragon655
Guess the Ben 10 character or alienby スガ
What the title says and the idea is mine but the picture and description isn't mine. It's going to be like my other guess story but the picture of the alien will be on t...
SPG One Shots by randomreadings123
SPG One Shotsby Stressed, Depressed, and Poor...
So a sudden wave of motivation hit me, and I decided to make a one shot book for Steam Powered Giraffe. Why not check it out if you want? You might find something you li...
Mega Man Crystal Hunter X (A Mega Man X and Steven Universe Crossover) by Wattreader7389
Mega Man Crystal Hunter X (A Mega...by Star Saber Studios
(a mega man X/Steven Universe crossover) in the year 21XX, the two maverick hunters X and Zero had worked hard to maintain the peace in Abel city, maverick crime had bee...
Leo x Muslim Reader by malyn_falls
Leo x Muslim Readerby malyn_falls
This story is about a Muslim girl who fell in love with Leonardo Hamato. If you're interested in Islam culture or wanna read it!! enjoy!! This is my first ever story!! I...
Skylanders Shrink Squad Characters by burnettaj
Skylanders Shrink Squad Charactersby AJ Burnett
Character sheets for each of the 32 characters to be released in Skylanders Shrink Squad. If you haven't already, check out my profile for the Skylanders Shrink Squad s...
The Appointment by rafest
The Appointmentby Rafael Estrella
Mr. Halsey has made an appointment for a self-improvement procedure. It is outpatient, minimally invasive and will give him a brand new body; literally!