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(httyd x monster hunter, valstrax reader) speed unleashed by DragonsBain1
(httyd x monster hunter, DragonsBain1
what would happen if monster hunters very own crimson comet crash landed in the Barbarick archipelago? find out in this story!!! (None of the humans can understand the d...
RWBY's Monstrous Education by Kblade60
RWBY's Monstrous Educationby Kblade60
A story I'm bringing over from Fanfiction. Inspired by CMBasher07's "RWBY Learns About Monster Hunter". Katana decides to show her guests a whole new world of...
I Got Reincarnated As Gore Magala In Highschool DXD by user83191737
I Got Reincarnated As Gore Ener Zemando
A young man died from a earthquake when a building crushed him. Having pity on the young man a God put his soul on the path of reincarnation and hopes that he will have...
Reincarnated as The Sky Comet Dragon in DxD by Haise_Sasaki_Soul
Reincarnated as The Sky Comet Change is Good
"It is sad, dying like this. Getting blown up in a fighter jet, but at least I did my country well" #1 monsterhunter Oct 14 2019 #1 Ophis Jan 1 2020
Overlord: Golden Warrior by jos1470
Overlord: Golden Warriorby Myuu
Joshino Nordo was a member of the legendary guild of Ainz ooal gown and known for his obssesion with roleplaying and hunting high level monsters. But he soon had to leav...
Scattered Scales (abused! male reader x RWBY) by TheEmeraldEntomancer
Scattered Scales (abused! male TheEmeraldEntomancer
the gore magala. a beast that was hunted to extinction because of what it could do. so what happens when a magala faunus is abused in his earlier years,and what could pr...
Remnants Storm Dragon by CRIMSONDRAGONOID56
Remnants Storm Dragonby CRIMSONDRAGONOID56
(I was always a big fan of the anime Fairy Tail mainly because of the Dragon Slayers and their magic, as well as a big fan of the Monster Hunter games.) Where to begin...
Burning Hatred (my hero academia x monster hunter) by boomboomabc
Burning Hatred (my hero academia not_bakugo
izuku yagi, he was born into a great life. but when he turned four he was forgotten, neglected, bullied, and abused. years later he discovered something that would let h...
The Frenzy Dragon of Remnant by Shirou_Hakeyama
The Frenzy Dragon of Remnantby Shirou_Hakeyama
A young Rose who has yet to find her thorns, runs away from home at the news of her mothers death, after getting lost in the forest surrounding her home she gets cornere...
Izuku The Monster Hero [MHA x Monster Hunter]  by Moonwatcher425
Izuku The Monster Hero [MHA x Luna Faye
Izuku Midoriya was always treated like trash. Since he was misdiagnosed as quirkless. But when he finally decided to end it all. His quirk finally manifested at the bric...
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My Monster Hunter Academia (My Hero Academia x Monster Hunter) by raptorixx
My Monster Hunter Academia (My Raptorixx
Izuku Midoriya, being pulled out of his fanboy delusions, walks home mentally battered. He began finding a way around the situation, how he will never be a hero. He then...
Monster in Chaldea by Middernacht1
Monster in Chaldeaby Ga'Hoole
This is the story of a man who lived 3 lives, his normal life, his like as a monster and his life as a servant. He is reborn as the king of the seas he is the Ocean Elde...
Reincarnated as Safi'Jiiva (Remake) by TremorsfanB
Reincarnated as Safi'Jiiva (Remake)by TremorsfanB
Jason was a 18 year old high school student who loved to play Monster Hunter World. His favorite monster to fight was Safi'Jiiva. One day while going to the store, he ge...
The hunter who protected a dragon by Ciniera
The hunter who protected a dragonby Ciniera
The admiral: "A new world, new dangers" Yang: "DAD!!" The admiral: "And a new family"
Reincarnated As A Dalamadur In A World Of Myth by user83191737
Reincarnated As A Dalamadur In A Ener Zemando
At the beginning of the world, the Primordials ruled till the day the Greek Gods claimed the land. What if in the beginning, another Primordial appeared? One that could...
Black Dragon Of UA (Male Reader  X My Hero Academia)  by QYONNYJ
Black Dragon Of UA (Male Reader JonnyQ
Ryuku, the Dragon Hero known as the public as a hero who protects innocent civillians. But unknown to many, she has a son. A son with unknown origins and a quirk similar...
Zinogre Hero by Nata_KARU
Zinogre Heroby Nata_ KARU
Having Super Powers were nothing more than a dream as a child. However, people all over the world have special powers known as Quirks allowing them to become Heros. Arou...
King among Queens (Monster hunter x male reader) by Luzius1
King among Queens (Monster Luzius1
One day (Y/n) suddenly found himself in the new world of monster hunter.... as a Jaggi. He then panics. How the hell can he survive in the world of monster hunter. But a...
A new world in the archipelago  by GotchaMutcha
A new world in the archipelago by Mutcha Man
After the attack of the Rumblehorn Hiccup finds a cave that wasn't in the island before so after entering he finds a new secret that for them was a dream but for the oth...
A Man of many Dragons by killerkami
A Man of many Dragonsby killerkami
as Hiccup and Fishlegs are on their way back to dragons edge after searching Lycanwing Island but see that their is a giant Island that is just south of Lycanwing Isla...