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Broken and altered( a rainbow six siege x male reader story) by Twisted_boi
Broken and altered( a rainbow Twisted_boy
You are a recruit of the organization known as rainbow, you were different from all the other recruits. You were kind, patient, and respectful, but all of that changed o...
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Azur Lane(anime) x cybernetically enhanced male reader by GASTLY42957
Azur Lane(anime) x Rhogar
A man genetically engineered and trained from birth to kill. Experimented on to increase deadliness. Escaped his prison years ago, but can never become fully human. Tryi...
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The New Meta (Meta Runner x Male Reader)  by Screech_Owl
The New Meta (Meta Runner x Male Screech_Owl
(Y/N) (L/N). A Meta Runner who will do anything to become number one. Will he make it? Or will competition get in his way? Find out
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Techno by Hero-N
Technoby Your Average Writer
When an accident aboard a technologically-advanced space station leaves her with mysterious powers, Ellie Jobs must find a way to manage her new-found abilities. Everyon...
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Modified Operator  by caution22
Modified Operator by Gatekeeper
Mod an ex marine who has been lied to by his team this leaves him broken. So when the opportunity to die a noble death presents itself he takes it. Alas his attempts fai...
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Flight of the Northstar by JamesDishon
Flight of the Northstarby Saryn Greyleaf
Captain Mike Montana of the independent freighter Northstar takes on a job for United Sol System. At first glance, it seems to be an easy one. Take a couple of crates fr...
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Less Of Her by ImpotentVerse
Less Of Herby Impotent Verse
Claudia is a shut-in, a nerd. She creates custom cybernetic limbs, unique works of art. Lumi is everything Claudia is not, exotic, exciting, outgoing. Claudia comes to r...
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FLASH!  Super Short Sci-Fi Stories by William_R_Spear
FLASH! Super Short Sci-Fi Storiesby William R. Spear
FLASH! is a collection of sci-fi flash fiction stories, updated Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Futuristic-techie-alien-dystopia-robot-time travel-spaceships and more...
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A Life With The Vocaloids by ArwinChua
A Life With The Vocaloidsby Arwin David Chua
Kyosuke Miyamoto was a tech genius, a school prodigy, and inventor of many technologies on Japan. His parents died after a deadly disease acquired by making a very dange...
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The Soul Arc war (Roleplay) by Celestialo
The Soul Arc war (Roleplay)by Celestialo
Feel free to roleplay this with your friends if you want to it is deeply appreciated. An instant transmission of events suddenly turned up unexpectedly. It was at that p...
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Engineered Empress  - The story of Bia by Dinasdaisy
Engineered Empress - The story Dinasdaisy
In an asteroid field in a faraway part of the Orion arm, is a small mining station called Hunters Back. My name Is Bia and I live here, or better I exist here. I never f...
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Bulletproof by IvoryDevon
Bulletproofby IvoryDevon
Eerie Stanton is a shy college student who has just been given a chance to show her skills in design. The job, however, is on the bad side of town and owned by an obnoxi...
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Susan's Plague by chavez243ca
Susan's Plagueby Rick Chisholm
The future isn't friendly. People in Meta are dying from a mysterious disease and Sean wants to know why. But in the Core, asking the wrong question can be dangerous. P...
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The Return of the Cybernaut Princess by LizzieNewell
The Return of the Cybernaut Lizzie Newell
A long-lost princess, a mariner, and a sentient ship battle intergalactic intrigue in a quest for love, identity, and to save their planet from a deadly cyber-virus. Th...
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New Big Hero 6: AU Story by Jefrijasman1234
New Big Hero 6: AU Storyby Jefrijasman1234
After Obake attacks Sycorax headquarters, big hero 6 decided to receive modifications. What kind of modifications, you ask?
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Noroi by Gabrieldlouw
Noroiby Darren Louw
When the Cure that was designed to heal all ailments mutates its patients into deadly monsters, the Chimera Company develops the Noroi. Cyborgs with clouds of nanomachin...
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A Cybernetics Dream Ch.1 by adubulus
A Cybernetics Dream Ch.1by Jeffery Johnson
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Cyber Angels (yaoi) by ColdPhoenix
Cyber Angels (yaoi)by Faye
The Angels J-53, D-29,and K-61 are cybernetic angels and they find themselves falling in love with humans. Part 1: J-53 resuces a man from drowning after an explosion s...
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rwby the next shnee by hypernomad_sole
rwby the next shneeby pidge kat gunderson
wirent shnee sent for expireamentation by his father beacuse he was sead to have no semblence Dont own pics or rwby
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