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Skibidi Toilet: New Beginning by PuppetWolfKnight190
Skibidi Toilet: New Beginningby Puppet Wolf Knight190
Brown or Simp Cameraman watches as TVwoman leaves with Plunger as he reached out to them calling out. He calls for help trying to get his body free from under the ruble...
Mechagodzilla reader in Skibidi Toilet by MechaStrikeUltima
Mechagodzilla reader in Skibidi MechaStrikeUltima
it was a casual day.. Y/N waiting for skibidi toilet 67 part 3 to come out and after watching it...hes sucked into the skibidi what events await him in this...
Gate: Thus The ALLIANCE Fought There by MX5_RocketBunny
Gate: Thus The ALLIANCE Fought A. Delgado
In the peaceful world of hardware-headed humanoids and their creators, the humans, a storm of chaos looms on the horizon. New Chicago, the heart of economy of the United...
Skibidi Toilet (F!Reader) by MARIGOLDUwU1
Skibidi Toilet (F!Reader)by Marigold💅💅
You are entering in college just recently, trying to earn a degree in engineering, it was always your dream. However, just after a couple days, your city has just been a...
Attack on Skibidi by Republicofhmmm
Attack on Skibidiby Aaron Castillo
It's been 2 years since the skibidi toilet war ended. The world is still rebuilding, recovering from the effects. Some believe the alliance is growing soft, that is unti...
Not Alone by Pearly619
Not Aloneby Pearly
After the events of episode 57, Simp Cameraman finds himself in a bad situation that keeps getting worse. This story is an AU in which Simp and another dead character l...
Top Tier Cameraman  by Another_fella
Top Tier Cameraman by Your average fella
"I was abandoned by everyone... even by soo called friends... But... I'm not the first one to be abandoned like this... and definitely not last. And you know... I w...
THE PROJECTOR TITAN (Skibidi Toilet AU) by Stimbag
Before The Speakermen and Televisionmen Joined The Cameramen, There Was A Secret Alliance Since The Beginning. This is a Skibidi Toilet Fan Fiction, If you do not unders...
Legendary Love (Plunger Cameraman x Camerawoman) by TurboTerminatr
Legendary Love (Plunger Tubbo?!
An elite couple... What could go wrong?
𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴𝔂 barnes (A CRACKFIC) by diescutely_
𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴𝔂 barnes (A CRACKFIC)by lara
this is KINDA based off of @xxavonleaaa 's 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴𝔂 hunger games but this is friday barnes so yeaaa this is also the worst cover ive EVER made omg please dont hate m...
~•Wait...What the heck?!•~ by DarkWeb1_0
~•Wait...What the heck?!•~by DarkWeb1_0
Several teenagers, whose lives were terrible, find themselves in the universe of DaFuq?!Boom! What will happen to them next? And will they be able to complete the main t...
Turning The World (Brown Cameraman's Villian Arc) by rennightingale07
Turning The World (Brown ren
"It's all a bit tragic isn't it? Innocence died in screaming and pleading. Pain makes me stronger, pain makes me realize I can still live alive. Once I return, I'll...
Gopro Enforcement by Kewlnathan
Gopro Enforcementby Kewlnathan
I made The Faction called the Gopros. The Gopros pop up on Episode 51 In the city, onward and im sorry but some things might not be in the actual Skibidi Series, anyways...
Skibidi Toilet x Male Reader Ideas by Romstaruhin
Skibidi Toilet x Male Reader Ideasby ROMAN
This book is for creating your story: Skibidi Toilet x Male Reader. Where you can take any idea from this story, and you can also change it or add something. You can als...
Adventures in Kalos! (Pokemon XY OC insert) by KuromiKake
Adventures in Kalos! (Pokemon XY Vorp 👽
The Kalos Region, like the other Regions, a beautiful place where people and Pokemon live in harmony, reflecting each other's thoughts and feelings. When people smile, P...
Whirow's Brain-rotted Mission by Voiding_Skies
Whirow's Brain-rotted Missionby Sen<3
blah blah blah ignore how i actually tried on the book cover i heard him say he wanted a fanfic or something so um yes anyway i figured i made lankybox a sincere ship b...
Art Book.  by hahahwhahahhw
Art Book. by Nayla Alyn
mostly skibidi toilet with some other stuff if I plan to
GUMI'S skibidi adventure in Ohio by preppyesstheatrekid
GUMI'S skibidi adventure in Ohioby mentally unstable
GUMI discovers she is sigma so she journeys to Ohio at meets Vflower and Fukase, other powerful sigmas. In Ohio she discovers her true self, secrets about her past, as s...