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Fire Escape by ThatOneCringeGirl
Fire Escapeby ThatOneCringeGirl
ever sense Error can remember, hes dedicated his life to giving his dying brother, Geno, a gift. the gift of a good, strong brother. with Geno's life slowly draining fro...
♡Insomnia♡ by trashy_name
♡Insomnia♡by ganyu main
Picture not mine credit to artist! This story is about Dream who never knew anything about Error but when they spend time together and over come obstacles, maybe just ma...
Yandere Au Sanses [Discontinued] by Nightime_Ash
Yandere Au Sanses [Discontinued]by Nightime_Ash
I wanted to make a yandere book, so here it is!!! You can ask for oneshots, friendship oneshots, but there will be no bad words, no inappropriate stuff, and no gore. I'l...
The Path We Walk by Lunazul3000
The Path We Walkby Aster
Aster Corvus Concord, now known as Sans Serif Gaster, was living a relatively peaceful life having reached the surface. Then it all reset. Now, after living through an e...
Swadmare Random Pictures + Rando Things lol !Discontinued! by 3ternal_Eclipse
Swadmare Random Pictures + Rando 3ternal_Eclipse
Idk. just a place to store all my pics of Swad who I simp for lmao- None of these pics are mine. I do not claim any. Found most on tumblr, google, and stuff like that. I...
Andlátkyn; Vandr Sanses unin Alagaësia  by FireladyofInk
Andlátkyn; Vandr Sanses unin Flaming Soul
(Title = Skeletons; Bad Sanses in Alagaësia) Error, the evil gang, and Blueberry were minding their own business in Outertale when Ink appears, alone. He decides to get...
Evolution of a Reincarnation  by Lunazul3000
Evolution of a Reincarnation by Aster
I survived, then lost.* I lived and loved.* I lost, but won.* I survived and loved.* I lost, but survived.* I lived, but was lost.* Can I find myself again? I was reborn...
How to Establish Your Gang and Take Care of the Children in It by Vraxvaxan
How to Establish Your Gang and SuperNova_Studios
Nightmare. King of Negativity. Leader of the Nightmare Gang. He has a lot of scary titles, but he had to start somewhere, didn't he? Horror. Cannibal. Idiot with half a...
ClockTale an Undertale AU by fublle
ClockTale an Undertale AUby Timer
"Hm?" Timer asks taking his wrist watch off, checking the time before taking out a screwdriver and pulling it apart. Nervous habit of his. The meeting between...
Au Sans Boyfriend Scenarios by The_Skeleton_Simp
Au Sans Boyfriend Scenariosby Lynx
What Would You Do If A Certain Skeleton Was In Love With You. Who Would It Be? Would He Be Cinnamon roll likeBlueberry? Or A Sinnamon Roll Like Raspberry?
My destiny (Fgod error student version) by Crying_Author
My destiny (Fgod error student Itz_Shadow_Eclipse
The cover of this book is made by ♡͙♡͚ɢʀaɖɨɛռt♡͚♡͙ on Pinterest. Error had enough of the violence in his multiverse so he decided to jump into the void in hopes to commi...
Sans Au's HeadCanon's by PinkHydrangea_
Sans Au's HeadCanon'sby Azar
just a bunch of headcanons idfk /I wonder how many mcyt references I can make until people notice
Yan!Nightmare x Reader (DISCONTINUED) by Silverflame345
Yan!Nightmare x Reader ( Moonlake(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
What will happen when you've grown up with the king of nightmares. Will he let you go, well, we will see The mentioned au's dont belong to me, they belong to their respe...
The Silent Destroyer by fublle
The Silent Destroyerby Timer
cover art isn't mine and belongs to its rightful owner Error is finally ready to give in. The multiverse he spent so many eons protecting and keeping the balance is reb...
Broken dreams  by amy3223
Broken dreams by Amy.Rose
Hi sorry I'm not good at describing so... Dream always had Nightmares and cut himself but never tell it to his friends but no one know specially nightmare know that hi...
Errink oneshots by trixielovesick
Errink oneshotsby Kesh
Kinda like a sequel for 'inksans oneshots' Cover artist: yours truly Warning : provably gonna put some sad shit in here so pls beware. Also sin included. ;)
(☆✧✿a glich in empireverse✷✯☆) (Check Last Chapter)  by Strawberry_Theglich
(☆✧✿a glich in empireverse✷✯☆) ( -tHe.sMuTtY.wRiTeR-
this is a story about a -force god of destruction- named error. ink has finally decided to get rid of error once and for all! he has decided to throw error into the void...
Error.404 Has Crashed by Anathema360
Error.404 Has Crashedby AnathemaV
Have you ever thought that the bad guy is actually good? Maybe, but how far will he go? Error can't coop with is job. Being forced to destroy AU after AU is bad enough...
Father Like Son by Creative_Pan
Father Like Sonby Creative_Pan
Christopher Afton was transferred to an orphanage after his dad went to prison for child murder. He was roughly around 11 years old when everything changed for him. Now...
CRIMINAL AMNESIAC by MissUnpopularOpinion
CRIMINAL AMNESIACby You have been banned from the...
When Dream loses his memories after receiving severe head trauma in battle, Nightmare and his team choose to take advantage of the situation...