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The Cream To My Coffee {A SansxReader} by PixelCube_
The Cream To My Coffee {A Fangirl Hideout
<<Dedicated to my awesome, amazing, beautiful, funny, brilliant 8th grade language teacher!>> <Aiming for updates every week!> You were a barista. A si...
  • xreader
  • papyrus
  • asgore
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Lemon stories by Wapiiq
Lemon storiesby Wapiiq
These are some uh lemons. Be warned there is mature content!
  • readerxcharacter
  • undertale
  • lemon
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MemoryFell Comic (Vietnamese Translate) by DoriDoki
MemoryFell Comic (Vietnamese Khảm Khảm
Các nhân vật trong truyện thuộc quyền sở hữu của Artist Burebu-luxiu, xin đừng mang đi khi chưa được sự đồng ý từ translator hoặc artist. Cảm ơn. Link ar...
  • undertale
  • alphys
  • flowey
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The Time Before (Undertale) by ANinnyMouse42
The Time Before (Undertale)by ANinnyMouse42
~o0o~ Book 1 of the "Better Times" trilogy ~o0o~ (Book two: "A Name to Remember") (Book three: "No One is Happy with This") There was a tim...
  • wattys2017
  • papyrus
  • fanfiction
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Undertale X Reader One Shot [Finished] by Abomination-1
Undertale X Reader One Shot [ OwO God
Yandere - Someone that acts innocent but often uses acts of violence to get their lover. Normally an Anime character. This is Undertale and Yandere. Enjoy your stay with...
  • aus
  • yandereau
  • mettaton
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Love Is Unnecessary (Underfell Sans X Reader)  by PixelCube_
Love Is Unnecessary (Underfell Fangirl Hideout
"C'mon, the rumors have to be fake!" They told you. believed it. So here you are now, and the top of Mt. Ebott, with friends who weren't ever your f...
  • flowey
  • asriel
  • asgore
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Ursa Major (Sans X Reader) by Im_SANSational
Ursa Major (Sans X Reader)by Im_SANSational
It had been a couple months since your little sister went missing. Guess how surprised you were to see her on the news with the headline "Young Girl Helps Monsters...
  • undyne
  • frisk
  • sansxreader
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Her (Sans X reader) by AddisynDaKilla
Her (Sans X reader)by ٩( ᐛ )و
It's kind of a Sans x reader. I named the character. Oops. Welp, here we go! This has potential I promise. Just give it a chance. Please.
  • chara
  • toriel
  • ofc
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A Skeleton's Lover [Sans x Reader] by PixelCube_
A Skeleton's Lover [Sans x Reader]by Fangirl Hideout
(The first book to To The End Of Time) After meeting a group of monsters at a party, you decided to visit them again. You met Sans- Sans the Skeleton, as he introduced...
  • asgore
  • gaster
  • sansxreader
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No One is Happy with This (Undertale) by ANinnyMouse42
No One is Happy with This ( ANinnyMouse42
~o0o~ Book 3 of the "Better Times" trilogy ~o0o~ (Book one: "The Time Before") (Book two: "A Name to Remember") Two years after the Barrier...
  • toriel
  • sacrifice
  • sans
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To The End Of Time (Sans X Reader)  by PixelCube_
To The End Of Time (Sans X Reader) by Fangirl Hideout
(CURRENTLY BEING EDITED) (The sequel to A Skeleton's Lover) A whole new timeline, yet you try to forget him. Monsters are now on the surface, and of course you see him...
  • alphys
  • readerxsans
  • gasterlivesmatter
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Undertale Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios! by Maggot4layp
Undertale Boyfriend/Girlfriend Maggot4layp
Its on the title ;) ** Feel free to request a scenario Reading this story happily and Voting this story , fills me with DETERMINATION P.s Character Requests were close...
  • undyne
  • temmie
  • undertaleboyfriendscenarios
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BARRIER BREAKER 9000 (Sans X Reader) by DJsansy
BARRIER BREAKER 9000 (Sans X KittycatSans
You are a 21 year old scientist. You love your job and never give up. One day you built a machine that took 7 years to make. It is going to help monsters get to the surf...
  • comedians
  • chara
  • toriel
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1, 2, 3, 4! How many books are in my store?! :D Waiiiit.. I don't have a store.. Oh well!~ | h0I guys, and welcome back to another Ask and Dare Littletale Book!! | Nothi...
  • sans
  • undyne
  • chara
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When Two Fates Intertwine (Sans x Reader) DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE by ZanaBSparrows
When Two Fates Intertwine (Sans Zana B Sparrows
[THIS IS A SEQUEL TO MY OTHER FANFIC "WHEN TWO SOULS MEET!" If you haven't read it, I would highly suggest it--the story won't make much sense otherwise.] Sans...
  • chara
  • sanstheskeleton
  • romance
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A red mistake.  Charisk undertale fiction. by syhraus
A red mistake. Charisk syhraus
Frisk fell into the underground, their overwhelming determination woke up the 1rst fallen child, Chara. With this journey, Chara questions herself on what happened in t...
  • chara
  • friskxchara
  • malexfemale
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Female Chara X Male Reader by -_OutLaw-Rising_-
Female Chara X Male Readerby Jasøn
I'm bad with descriptions
  • sans
  • charadreemurr
  • femalechara
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Kitten (Sans X Neko!Reader) by ShadowGirl1996
Kitten (Sans X Neko!Reader)by ShadowGirl1996
"Your human right?" "No. I would never want to be like them." "But your not a monster?" "Like I said...I'm not a human or monster. I'm...
  • asriel
  • asgore
  • love
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Undertale Zodiacs (its goin down) by FrozenLimes
Undertale Zodiacs (its goin down)by kusu 🍀
UNDERTALE ZODIACS WOOOOHOOOOOOO This is definitely gonna turn out gr8 {Highest; 200 in Random}
  • flowey
  • alphys
  • undertale
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Undertale Parent Scenarios by ShadowGirl1996
Undertale Parent Scenariosby ShadowGirl1996
Hey guys this involves Papyrus, Sans, Grillby, Mettaton and Undyne. The others are brought into it later on. I do not own any links, videos, pics, links and/or character...
  • monsterkid
  • flowey
  • mk
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