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Error? by Jeonseongong
Error?by EB Jeonseongong, Nexus
what if there was more to Error Sans than meets the eye in this multiverse? What's his reason for destroying AUs? what about the voices inside his own mind? What kind o...
Mermen Sans aus x reader  by GhibicatWow
Mermen Sans aus x reader by GhibicatWow
You are a mermaid living at a local reef going on a trip with your fish mates (classmates) until one day a huge storm blows you away from the reef knocking you out as yo...
reincarnated as corrupt nightmare by nelliesheerin
reincarnated as corrupt nightmareby Karina Sheerin
you died and when you wake up your in a completely different world the one of dreamtale as a goest trying your best to help nighty survive the abuse the villagers put hi...
The Forbidden Room...                                 (au sans x monster reader) by gamerslacker
The Forbidden gamerslacker
There is a room no one knew about but somehow there was a reset a different one that made almost all the alternative universes in one -------------------------- Also th...
Reborn as Error by Kiwi_Seal
Reborn as Errorby Kiwi_Seal
Cover image made by me. Someone meets their end too soon and meets someone who gives them another chance to live a more fulfilling life. One that they would enjoy despit...
The Magnificent Hero (Bnha various x Female US reader x Au Sans and Papyrus by Hinatafangirl27
The Magnificent Hero (Bnha Hinaj27
You may not be in the top 10 heros,but you are always filled with determination with your best friend/partner Papyrus.You have a very hyper personality, are quit oblivio...
An Error's Doll by EroseWisp
An Error's Dollby EroseWisp
You didn't have a bucket list or anything, but you wished you could've at least read a few more fanfics or done literally anything fun before dying. Oh well, at least yo...
Prisoner...? (Bad Sanses x Human!Reader) by ShadowOfFandoms10
Prisoner...? (Bad Sanses x Human! ShadowOfFandoms
Y/N was a human from a brand new AU...which was practically nothing. They were eventually rescued by the Star Sanses...only to be taken prisoner by the Bad Sanses. What...
I Became the Forced God of Creation by Lxzaruss
I Became the Forced God of Creationby Lazar.
!!STORY COVER ISN'T MINE AS I NEVER OWNED IT!! What if.. Error isn't a forced god but Ink is? What if Ink had enough and committed death and chose someone to be the next...
AU Sans x Reader Oneshots by MorningSweets
AU Sans x Reader Oneshotsby {sweets}
**PLEASE NOTE** -Cover art does not belong to me, I will only take credit for the stories, I do not take credit for characters. -I will not do any lemons -This is my fi...
Light or dark? Bad sanses x child reader by Voxtek-Enterprises
Light or dark? Bad sanses x Vox 💅
Y/n was and/or is a very sweet child, unfortunately for them they weren't treated very well by their mother or father, Y/n was abused and didn't have anyone. Fortunately...
{This is a the rewritten book of "OUR CREATOR " Thus the story of this is far different than the first} Jill was a wonderfull child in a not so wonderfull fami...
A Week with the Bad Sanses (Bad Sanses x Female Reader) by DillCipher666
A Week with the Bad Sanses (Bad Andressa The Creator
You are drinking hot chocolate in your room, but suddenly a loud noise comes out of the kitchen. What is going to happend next? (Pic not mine and unlike the picture, the...
Start again (Naj!au!Sans x Neko! Reader) ((Finished)) by MadhisStories
Start again (Naj!au!Sans x Neko! Whomst the heck
(Y/N) is a neko who lives with her cat Ayumu. (Meaning:Walk dream, vision) She lives in her cozy home with two bathrooms, a bed room, a living room and a kitchen. (Y/N)...
(HIATUS) Guess I'm still not good enough. by Loverofyaoi22
(HIATUS) Guess I'm still not Loverofyaoi22
(Suck at summaries.) (Art doesn't belong to me. It belongs to its artist!) Nightmare was abandoned by his boys and now he feels like theirs nothing left to live for. Goi...
urs. nightkiller by korriko
urs. nightkillerby -RIKO.
in which - killer is loyal to nightmare. but perhaps, too loyal?
Crumbling Universes by Gravityfalls59
Crumbling Universesby Brysten_Cypher
A truce was made between Ink and Error, a truce to keep the balance of creation and destruction. But only a few months late something is now destroying universe faster t...
DREAM SANS ONESHOT🖇💚by Queen Maya-mez
Any ship with dream is accepted! You can give resquet or anything but ships that I am sure Or not, i'll make, Bad guys×dream Dust×dream[Drust]{maybe} Cross×dream[Cream]{...
Change The Formality by SuperLizardGirl
Change The Formalityby SuperLizardGirl
Classic sans has been having a depression and the Aus aren't helping. Everytime something or someone got killed they all blame it on classic even though he didn't do any...
Nightmare Sans X Reader by LinaTheWriter
Nightmare Sans X Readerby Jack Stauber
Finished. If you love corrupted Nightmare Sans, this is the book for you! Also...I didn't make Nightmare Sans! Cover art not mine!