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Who am I?: [Helluva Boss x Male Reader] by Mochi-King
Who am I?: [Helluva Boss x Male Mr. Brightside
While the yearly purge is happening, you asked yourself while hunched down "How did I even get here?". That all changes after you save a certain possum which l...
Black hazard in helluva boss by Dratinibro
Black hazard in helluva bossby Dratinibro
Dratini has always been bullied by his family but one day while he was trying to patch his wounds he was found by two imps named moxxie and Millie and they brought him t...
Helluvaboss yandere Girls x Scp-999 by Ricky3546
Helluvaboss yandere Girls x Scp-999by Ricky3546
I been reading yandere stories with male readers or oc child. So an idea pop up in my head. Instead male or Oc child. Why not crossover character. Introducing Scp-999 al...
Helluva Boss: Loona one-shots by seb913
Helluva Boss: Loona one-shotsby Seb
A Helluva Boss one-shot book featuring the one and only: Loona. This book is for people who are fans of this hellhound, specifically. I am just a messenger that would l...
Royal Guard (Lucifer x Reader story) by JackyllnHyde
Royal Guard (Lucifer x Reader Jackyll
(Y/n) woke up in a strange new place, she doesn't remember her previous life or how she ended up here. She woke up in a cell underneath the Magne estate in Hell. Only th...
Helluva Harem by FancyMeatComputer
Helluva Haremby FancyMeatComputer
Your name is Y/n. You're 22 living alone in a run down building with shitty neighbors and a even shittier landlord. Due to the boredoms of life and lack of human interac...
Fizzarolli x reader oneshots! {REQUESTS OPEN} by MoonSorsha
Fizzarolli x reader oneshots! { MoonSorsha
Just some Fizzarolli x reader oneshots, if it's smut it might take a long time-
The Kraut in Hell {rewrite} (Helluva Boss Loona x Reader) by JacobGreene96
The Kraut in Hell {rewrite} ( Jacob Greene
Y/N Fuchs, a 17 year boy , enlisted in the German Army on July 28th 1914. Upon his death on Tuesday, December 1st, 1914, he gets sent to hell on account of his sins. Whe...
Forgiveness (Loona x M! Reader) ON HOLD!!! by seb913
Forgiveness (Loona x M! Reader) Seb
The IMP crew has made a most game-changing discovery for their business: their teleportation book also has the ability to time travel! To protect their business, though...
Demon dinosaur by schyb6675
Demon dinosaurby Schyb6675
Gray had been experimented by mad scientists they put the dinosaur blood inside his body making him the perfect humanoid weapon for the modern world, who later escapes a...
✧ Alastor x reader Oneshots ✧ by BloodyKitty3
✧ Alastor x reader Oneshots ✧by BloodyKitty
You know exactly what this is about you simp. Alastorxreader oneshots ! There will be mainly fluff because: - it's cute - I suck at writing angst - it's cute - and I...
Helluva Girlfriend Scenarios.  by DJjammer
Helluva Girlfriend Scenarios. by DJjammer
Dating your favourite women from the wondrous world of vivziepop.
Velvety soft. by DJjammer
Velvety DJjammer
Your new to hell, scared and confused, when a certain, yandereish social media star takes a certain liking to you. 1#- velvetxmalereader april 11 2022.
Our Owlets  (Book 1) by LaShippingPrincessa
Our Owlets (Book 1)by დBelphegor’s Thotდ
After Stolas unexpectedly gives birth, Octavia takes her father and her new siblings to Imp City, away from his troubling past relationships. With newfound freedom, the...
Alastor's Doe (Female deer Cherub Reader x Yandere Alastor) by MoonSorsha
Alastor's Doe (Female deer MoonSorsha
Female reader, sorry my male and non binary children, I'll make a book for y'all in the future, I promise! You, Deerie and her cherub friends go to visit the Happy Hotel...
Helluva Job by Madtown97
Helluva Jobby Madtown97
Aaron never felt that he fit in at his home ring Lust. He got the unflattering title as the only imp in Lust to never get laid. And being an imp didn't help. That was wh...
The New Guy - Loona x Male Reader by Thaack97
The New Guy - Loona x Male Readerby Sunstorm
A second person romance story starring Loona from Helluva Boss and You. You're the newest employee of I.M.P., the Immediate Murder Professionals. A mysterious, anonymous...
Scp 049 x Helluvaboss/Hazbinhotel  by Ricky3546
Scp 049 x Helluvaboss/Hazbinhotel by Ricky3546
Scp 049, also know as the Plague Doctor just working with his experiments until he was call to another scp called. Scp-1471. It was a test but then a breach happened rev...
Megatron: The Future Lord of Hell. (A Transformers x Verosika Mayday story) by TheSpaceGuyGamer
Megatron: The Future Lord of TheSpaceGuy Gamer
have you ever wondered of what happened to megatron after the battle against quintessa, well what if after optimus kicked him through that wall on cybertron, he got sent...