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Bakusquad Oneshots by TheColourOfFun
Bakusquad Oneshotsby TheColourOfFun
I'll write little stories about the Bakusquad but Bakugou is mostly in focus. It's mostly angst or fluff. I don't really write smut (maybe a little bit 👀) cuz in these...
My human(Sunwoo ambw) by nerdontluvyou
My human(Sunwoo ambw)by nerdontluvyou
Melody is a very average person, she works as a librarian in a local library, lives in a small 1 bedroom house with her two cats. What happens when she hears a large c...
Living as the Villain's Stepmother by Sabrialuvvv
Living as the Villain's Stepmotherby Orchaaryl
I became the villainess stepmother who is doomed to suffer greatly in the hands of the male lead, who will return as a tyrant due to his years of child abuse. I can't di...
Caste to Class by AgeregressionKitten
Caste to Classby Kitten is little
Iris Mondeau wakes up one day in a new world and discovers just how shockingly the new world is. She tries to adapt and gets used to her new life, until she's picked as...
Wolf Town by MideNigh
Wolf Townby XxArlaW WolfxX
Addison Grace Smith is a 17 year old girl, human might I add which has never been a problem until now. What will she do when she finds out she's the alphas mate? Let alo...
obsessed  by brooklyn_sucksss
obsessed by brooklyn 💝
noelle is a sweet , open hearted , and innocent girl , when she starts college she stumbles into 4 best friends who take an interest in her. what will happen when they b...
Mr. Childish || PJM by onejenjen
Mr. Childish || PJMby baby <3
" NO!! I DON'T WANT TO SLEEP IN THAT ROOM!! " Jimin shouted while crying. " then, where are you going to sleep? " I asked and sat down on the floor w...
ရှောင်ပုန်းဖို့မကြိုးစားနဲ့ ⧼⧼ဘာသာပြန်⧽⧽ by AvocadojuiceO_2
ရှောင်ပုန်းဖို့မကြိုးစားနဲ့ ⧼⧼ဘာသာ တွေး_Tway
Start date _ 15/3/2023 End date - I don't own this novel and cover art. Just a fan translation. All credit to original author & artist.
Separation Anxiety | Taegyu by samzramzbamz
Separation Anxiety | Taegyuby sam
A clingy Taehyun who suffers with separation anxiety becomes attached to an anti social classmate, Choi Beomgyu. Their natures are the complete opposite from each other...
Mahligai Impian by Dzawizzakiyyah_
Mahligai Impianby Dzawi Nufusi Zakiyyah
Fauzan Azhary Seorang putra Kiai ternama di Jawa Barat. Umurnya sudah sangat matang, namun tak kunjung ia ingin menikah. Bahkan, saat adiknya ingin menikah, terpaksa ha...
Flavors of Youth (SOON) by ashxury
Flavors of Youth (SOON)by 🪐
(Youth Series #1) "Sya ang pinaka manhid na babaeng nakilala ko!" - adam "Sya ang pinaka nakakairitang lalaki sa buong mundo!" -zein
She's the Dream (COMPLETED) by EEFYOU
She's the Dream (COMPLETED)by Azzeeel
Lyneth Heavenly Fernandez is a self centered girl who always want to achieve her goals. A girl who will do everything just to make her parents proud of her. She love her...
Mafia's Little Beauty  by LayeredWrt
Mafia's Little Beauty by Étoile brillanté
Most powerful and dangerous mafia Mr Wang Yibo and CEO of biggest company of China. Almost half of the population of country runs with his power and money, government al...
Sad Memory / JIKOOK by nathani_d
Sad Memory / JIKOOKby nathani_d
[Story under a heavy edit] People react differently to death, and losing people they hold dear in their hearts, Jimin was no different. When one of his closest friends...
Friendship Over? by melophilos
Friendship Over?by harper
"Friendship Over?" UNEDITED | on-going "If the moment comes when I must veer away from you, know that in my thoughts and heart, you will forever hold the...
Dibs! (Lesbian, GxG) by itsabadluckcharm
Dibs! (Lesbian, GxG)by blake
Before Jules interrupted Callie's lunch hour with a (not so subtle) "Dibs!", Callie was a quiet girl whose only priorities are good grades and better talent wi...
OPERATION:Love Me Back   |Tamaki x Black Reader| by 002-is-my-sista
OPERATION:Love Me Back |Tamaki ♡+Smiling+♡
Nothing but death came from being around you, until Rumi Usagiyama aka Rabbit Hero:Mirko entered your life. She was your mom's best friend. Being raised and trained by R...
Axel Luca D'Azzuro an evil great mafia who obsessionally in love with a famous model named Adrianna Salvador...He uses his money and power to get everything he wants by...
[MTL]Dressed As a Consort In Ancient Times by DonnaMariano149
[MTL]Dressed As a Consort In PurplePhoenix22
This is not my story.For offline purpose only. Details Short Title : DACIAT Alternate Title : 穿到古代当驸马 Status [Edit] : Completed Author : Li Zhengxian Genre : Yuri Weekl...