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My First Lesbian Lover? by Melaninrainbow
My First Lesbian Lover?by Melaninrainbow
"Hello, my name is Melika Carter and I live mostly inside my own head. Now that I'm in college I think I might be a lesbian. I also think I might be in love with my...
Infatuated by minlittleprince
Infatuatedby minlittleprince
Infatuation is falling in love with or becoming extremely interested in someone or something for a short time. But in this case, it's not for a short time. Olivia is a f...
OURS (yandere Reverse Harem X Reader) by Jono_Royale
OURS (yandere Reverse Harem X Jono_Royale
(Y/N) (L/N) is a high school student whose mom had finally gotten remarried and she moved in with her new family members. She gets to know her siblings Ren, Richie and t...
E N V I O U S   | Yandere Bakugou X Reader | by That1ShadowTurtle
E N V I O U S | Yandere That1ShadowTurtle
Warning! Abusive relationship, maybe some smut, foul language, and last but not least, just suggest anything that you think might be a good idea. Bc remember!! There...
❤ In A Heartbeat ❤ by __Aayat
❤ In A Heartbeat ❤by Angel
~ Regular updates ~ To like someone is to love lightly while to love someone is to like deeply. There is one person in this world and in this life whom you will love de...
Infatuation (Yandere Boys x Reader) by MaskCover
Infatuation (Yandere Boys x Reader)by MaskCover
After six new boys meet (Y/n), they begin an unhealthy obsession over the female and soon take it too far. There's not much chance of her escaping their thoughts or hand...
Obsessed (✔️) by prettylittlejazzyt
Obsessed (✔️)by • J A S M I N E •
It all started with a lie and a one night stand.
21 Writings  by marigelle
21 Writings by sunny girl ☀️
Our souls were like a string that once attached, but in a fragile state, the string became puny, the reason why we clasped and lost each other, unfortunately.
Forbidden Obsession [ Yandere! Werewolf x Male! Reader x Yandere! Vampire ] by The_Dark_Mist
Forbidden Obsession [ Yandere! ♧【魅晴】♧
... It has been a long time since you saw your girlfriend, the next thing you knew, she was holding two little boys as she handed them to you, declaring that they...
STRANGERS | yandere x reader by swicheng
STRANGERS | yandere x readerby ♡
"Why does it feel like I'm talking to a real person instead of a 'bot'?" (c). swicheng 2019
{Umi no mochimono} Ocean's Possession  by waikufumi
{Umi no mochimono} Ocean's Fumi
yandere merman X reader he found you fallen deep in the ocean his first touch of your fragile body rushes his hormones the first word that comes off your mouth makes...
The 5 Stages of Infatuation by pumacchi
The 5 Stages of Infatuationby joelle
[Sasuke Uchiha X Reader] [Modern AU]: The process of infatuation consists of five stages: The butterfly stage, in which one receives the first sip of attraction. Ignoran...
❤ Marriage A Challenge  ❤ 【#Wattys 2017】 by fantasyprincess262
❤ Marriage A Challenge ❤ 【 Shruthi
# 1 in General Fiction as on 11-03-2017 A Gasp escapes my mouth looking at my accidental husband kissing those three girls one after other ...... Tears welled in my eyes...
Driven by the Gangster [BxB] 18+  by LadyYandereShane
Driven by the Gangster [BxB] 18+ by 𝙖𝙨𝙝𝙡𝙚𝙮 𝙨𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙚
completed ✔"I don't want to lose you to anyone. Stay with me." "That's okay," he said, wrapping his arms around the man's neck making the chains jing...
Trickery ((Yandere Males x Reader)) by TheTrasha
Trickery ((Yandere Males x Reader))by nat
(( Yandere Reverse Harem x Female Reader )) New school year, new opportunities, right? (Y/N) is a fairly good student with very few friends, one of them being her mal...
Salvation [Yandere Gaara X Reader] [Editing] by Rose2Cherry
Salvation [Yandere Gaara X Reader] 𝑱𝒖𝒍𝒆𝒔
Salvation: Lifeline, preservation; means of escape, help. * * * * * * * (This is a modern fanfic where the world of ninjas does not exist.)...
 I can't resist my ex- Best Friends Dad   by chalupaheroin
I can't resist my ex- Best chalupaheroin
"You have a wife." I exclaimed. He ignored me and just sucked harder on my sweet spot. "You have two kids" I moaned as he gripped my ass. He pull...
Love And Revenge✔️ by arummees
Love And Revenge✔️by arummees
What happens when everyone sees you the same way, a self absorbed, egotistical, spoilt, arrogant person even though you're not? But then you meet the one person who...
Forbidden Fruit Tastes The Sweetest (18+) by whosprettynow
Forbidden Fruit Tastes The 🖤
A young girl is obsessed and infatuated with her fathers successful and attractive best friend. [short story] Basically a tale of long awaited confessions and terminated...