Forced Love

Forced Love

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I'm the new student and he's my new head teacher and were sleeping together. Is it my fault or is it his. A sexual nightmare...

Sexual themes & Graphic description : Can You Handle It? 

-- The Love Series: Sexual Attraction & A Bit More

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KimRogue KimRogue Jan 11, 2017
Why do people always go like "yes that's my name" as if no one could figure that out or as of it was an odd name. Its not, its very average. And "Evens" isn't a Spanish name for the record.
blissit blissit Mar 26, 2014
That's kind of creepy , and how old is she like 15 ???? And he's like what 25 or 30???
Rated__R Rated__R Feb 24, 2013
wish i started to read this on saturday i mean if someone sees i this  school they will think i'm a freak o.o
LeahT92 LeahT92 Mar 21, 2011
Awkward? Scary? I don't know what to think yet. haha Voted. :)
LeahT92 LeahT92 Mar 21, 2011
This is a good first chapter. I normally don't read these stories, but I think I'm going to read this one. :) A friend actually recommended it to me.
zeyheartsmakeup zeyheartsmakeup Dec 27, 2010
                              Thanxx and Yhh but I've improved You'll see as you read on